Yefim Shubentsov

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Yefim G. Shubentsov
Born June 25, 1940
Residence Brookline, Massachusetts
Nationality Russian
Other names The Russian, The "Mad" Russian
Citizenship United States
Occupation Healthcare

Yefim G. Shubentsov (born June 25, 1940) is an acclaimed "eraser" of addictions, depression, anxiety and phobias. He is especially well known for his work with smokers, drug addicts, alcoholics and overeaters. Celebrities who say they have had success with his treatment include Billy Joel, Drew Barrymore, David Arquette, Courteney Cox Arquette, and Amy Tan. He does not advertise and relies only on word of mouth for new clients. According to Shubentsov less than 1% of his over 150,000 clients have needed to return for further help.


He says the basis for his methodology is first of all commonsensical behavior modification advice, and secondly a technique he calls the manipulation of "bio-energy", which he says anyone can learn; detailed instructions are in his 1999 book "Cure Your Cravings," co-authored with Barbara Gordon. He claims that he is not using any mystic, New Age, religious or 'magical' special powers or hypnosis. Scientists at the Harvard University Health Services under Dr. Douglas Powell conducted a six-month observation of his techniques and the results, and concluded that they work although they don't know how.[1]

Early life[edit]

Shubentsov was born in Russia in 1940. He worked as a commercial artist there, as well as serving in the military. He says that he was invited to take part in a government-conducted scientific experiment with "bioenergetics," when his natural abilities with it were discovered and used to help treat medical patients. Unhappy under the Communist government of the Soviet Union, in 1979 he defected to the U.S. with his wife and son. In 1980 he started his practice in Brookline, Massachusetts, originally for physical pain and then gradually shifting his focus to cravings and mental health.

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