Yegor Borisov

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Yegor Borisov
Егор Афанасьевич Борисов
Yegor Borisov, August 2010.jpeg
3rd Head of the Sakha Republic
Assumed office
31 May 2010
Preceded by Vyacheslav Shtyrov
Personal details
Born (1954-08-15) 15 August 1954 (age 63)
Churapcha District, Yakut ASSR RSFSR, USSR
Political party United Russia
Spouse(s) Praskovya Borisova
Profession Mechanical Engineer

Yegor Afanasyevich Borisov (Russian: Егор Афанасьевич Борисов) (born 15 August 1954) is a Russian politician of Yakut ethnicity, who is serving as the Head of the Sakha Republic, a federal subject of Russia.[1] He took office on 31 May 2010 after Vyacheslav Shtyrov left office. On 24 April 2014, President Putin accepted Borisov’s request to step down from his post and agreed to end his mandate ahead of term. Putin simultaneously appointed Borisov to be Acting President of Sakha (Yakutia) until an elected president took office.[2] He was previously Prime Minister of the Sakha Republic.


Borisov was born in Churapcha District, on 15 August 1954 to ethnic Yakut parents, to a family of eight children. His father, Afanasiy Borisov, worked as a poor farmer and mechanic, and struggled financially through Soviet times, while his mother, Praskovya Borisova, worked as a Nurse in Kindergarten school. When Borisov was 12, he said that his father took him hunting in the Taba area, located approximately in 20 kilometers to the west of Churapcha District. His father died of natural causes at the age of 41. From 1971, Borisov joined as a worker at Agricultural Equipment shop to help him survive financially. From early childhood, Borisov was attracted to engineering, and eventually studied engineering at university, graduating with a Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering in 1979. Upon graduation from university, Borisov became the head of the shop he worked in, and ended up joining the Communist Party, where he then became the Deputy Chief of Churapcha Regional Administration of Agriculture. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Borisov joined the politics of Yakutia, where he worked as the Republic's Prime Minister before he became president.

Personal life[edit]

Borisov is married to Praskovya Petrovna, and they have two daughters. Both of Borisov's daughters graduated from Yakutsk State University. One of his daughters is an economist and the other one is a psychologist. Borisov loves hunting and fishing, and martial arts. He also likes reading historical literature and is a fan of the music of the Sakha Republic.


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Preceded by
Vyacheslav Shtyrov
Head of the Sakha Republic