Yeh Ishq Haaye

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Yeh Ishq Pyaar Haaye
Genre Drama
Starring See below
Theme music composer T SERIES
Country of origin India
Original language(s) Hindi
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 226
Production company(s) Panglosean Entertainment
Original network STAR One
Original release 1 November 2010 – 6 August 2011

Yeh Ishq Haaye was an Indian television series on STAR One which aired every Monday to Friday at 8:00pm, produced by Rajesh Chadha and created by Panglosean Entertainment. The show premiered on November 1, 2010 to August 6, 2011.


The story symbolizes life of every small town girl who is loud and today who has loads of aspiration; who dreams; who wants to lead her life in a fashion she has envisioned it for herself.

This show embodies the contemporary society emerging in small towns of India today, at the same time professes the old family and human values. Yeh Ishq Haaye is a story set in the backdrop of Agra. What is real love? what is true love? Is first love, the real love? Our story revolves around a girl who realizes that the first love or love at first sight, is not necessarily the true or the ultimate love. What appears to her as the final destination was just a mirage. At an early & impressionable age, she comes across a guy who sweeps her off her feet. Despite the world around her are against it, she follows her heart only to fall flat on her face. She regrets deeply but the realization is little too late. Everything around her has come down crumbling; her parent's dignity, their trust, her sister's dreams. All has shattered because of her impulsive and innocently myopic decisions. Decisions that snow balled into boulders to affect everyone's life. She understands and learns it the hard way. She now stands at a juncture where she needs all the courage and strength to amend all that has gone wrong in her life. She transforms herself to be giver and forgiver. Circumstances pair her to her exact opposite. They had nothing in common.and there is no love at first sight. Life puts them together in a journey with many ups & downs. Love and mutual respect grows between them. For a long time, the girl thinks what was lost is her true love as it was her first love, till her partner changes her opinion on what really true love is.

YIH traces the life of childhood friends Manjari and Akshay. Manjari Chaturvedi is a carefree teenager who likes to hang out with her friends. Akshay owns a cafe. Akshay loves Manjari a lot from a long time but is unable to express it. Pooja, Manjari's elder sister, starts loving Akshay as she misunderstands that Akshay also loves her. A new entry, Ranbir, falls in love with Manjari and Manjari too loves him. Akshay, on Majari's insistence gets engaged to Pooja. Ajay, Akshay's brother, also likes Manjari but he disappears from the show in later episodes. Manjari's parents are hell bent on getting her married as she has lied to them several times and has once landed herself in jail. They are tired of her careless attitude and want her to settle down. Manjari elopes from her house on Ranbir's advise and Akshay accompanies her to Mumbai even though, she protests. Later she comes to know that Ranbir is actually Sanjay and he cheats girls using his boss name. Akshay and Manjari later decide to stay in Mumbai and make a name for themselves. Manjari starts to fall in love with Akshay but stays away from him as he is Pooja's fiancee. Pooja comes to know that Akshay loves Manjari but not her, from Akshay's mother. She comes to Mumbai and plans to separate them but later realises their love and leaves. Fighting against all odds, Manjri and Akshay becomes one at last.


Main Cast
Actor Role
Srishty Rode Manjari Chaturvedi
Neha Desai
Raunaq Ahuja Akshay Shukla
Jaya Ojha Manjari's mom
Rahul Arora Sanjay Sharma
Anand Suryavanshi Ranbir Malhotra
Yashdeep Nain Ajay


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