Yeh Teri Galiyan

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Yeh Teri Galiyan
Yeh Teri Galiyan Title-Card.jpg
Genre Drama
Created by Palki Malhotra
Screenplay by Anjali
Directed by Rajeev Raj
Creative director(s) Saurabh Arora
Starring Vrushika Mehta
Avinash Mishra
Music by Dharmendra Javada
Country of origin India
Original language(s) Hindi
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 54 as of 12 October 2018
Producer(s) Prem Krishen
Sunil Mehta
Cinematography Shambu Ojha
Editor(s) Vinay Mandal
Camera setup Multi-camera
Running time 22 minutes (approx.)
Production company(s) Cinevistaas Limited
Distributor Zee Entertainment Enterprises
Picture format 576i
1080i (HDTV)
Original release 25 July 2018 (2018-07-25) – Present
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Yeh Teri Galiyan (English: These Are Your Streets) is a romantic drama that airs on Zee TV. It is produced by Cinevistaas Limited. It premiered on 25 July 2018 and stars Vrushika Mehta and Avinash Mishra.[1][2]


The story begins in the city of joy, Kolkata. Arpita, a pregnant woman prays to Goddess Durga for a strong daughter. She also wishes for a friend for her daughter who will protect her and help her through all her struggles. At the same time, Young Shantanu enters the temple and wishes for a friend who he could cherish and protect all his life. Arpita's husband Shubu plans to sell his wife for money. Chanda, a woman from the brothel, convinces Thaku Maa to buy Arpita. Arpita goes into early labour and gives birth to a baby girl. Chanda brings out the newborn to her son Shantanu. Shantanu names her Puchki after his favourite snack 'Puchka'.

5 Years Later[edit]

Shantanu and Puchki become best friends. He protects her and fulfills all her wishes. Puchki is a mischievous girl who is interested in dancing and wearing makeup. This irks Arpita because she is trying to protect Puchki from the brothel business. She cuts her hair short. Beauty is fed up with Puchki and tries to sell her to foreigners. When Arpita finds out what Beauty is planning to do, she gathers money and tries to run away with Puchki but is unsuccessful. Chanda puts Shantanu up for adoption and he gets adopted by Nivedita Mazumdar. Despite Shantanu's attempts to stay back, he is taken away from Puchki. Puchki and Shantanu miss each other. Arpita starts falling sick, and Puchki is forced to train to become a prostitute. Nivedita gets pregnant with her own child, but promises to not let it lessen her love for Shantanu.

7 Months Later[edit]

Arpita dies. Puchki does the last rites of her mother. Pathan Chacha helps Puchki meet Shantanu. Nivedita finds out that Shantanu is Arindham's illegitimate child with Chanda due to which she distances herself from Shantanu. Thaku Maa suffers a heart attack after Beauty blackmails Arindham. Nivedita gives birth to a baby boy. Moushmi and Ravindra consider Nivedita's child as the real heir of the Mazumdar family.




  • Shubhangi Latkar as Thaku Maa
  • Renee Dhyani as Beauty, Thaku Maa's daughter
  • Anandi Tripathi as Chanda, Shantanu's mother
  • Akansha Sareen as Arpita, Puchki's mother
  • Sharhaan Singh as Shubu, Puchki's father
  • Shaynam Ladakhi as Murli, Beauty's assistant
  • Kiran Janjani as Arindham Mazumdar, Shantanu's father
  • Raymon Singh as Nivedita Mazumdar, Shantanu's stepmother
  • Govind Pandey as Ravindra Mazumdar, Shantanu's grandfather
  • Ankush Arora as Veeraj
  • Unknown as Pathan Chacha
  • Lopamudra Das as Moushmi Mazumdar, Ravindra's daughter
  • Unknown as Moushmi's husband
  • Muohit Joshi as Rana
  • Harsh Mittal as Neel Mazumdar, Ravindra's younger son


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