Yehezkel Dror

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Yehezkel Dror
Born 1928
Residence Jerusalem
Alma mater Hebrew University, Harvard University
Known for Public Policy-making
Awards Rosolio Award(1965), Israel Prize(2005)
Scientific career
Fields Political Science, Policy Planning, Strategic Issues
Institutions Hebrew University, Jerusalem

Yehezkel Dror (Hebrew: יחזקאל דרור‎‎; born 1928) is a former professor of political science at Hebrew University, Jerusalem.[1]


Dror was born in Vienna, Austria, in 1928, and emigrated to the Mandate Palestine with his family in 1938.

He was a member of the university's Department of Political Science of the Hebrew University from 1957 until his retirement, and was also head of its Public Administration division from 1964. He is a pioneering author in the fields of management, policy science, public administration, capacities to govern, leadership and security issues with publications including Public Policy-making Re-examined, Design for Policy Sciences, "Capacity to Govern: A Report to the Club of Rome" and Israeli Statecraft: National Security Challenges and Responses.

Dror holds a B.A. and Magister Juris from Hebrew University, and LLM and SJD (doctor of juridical sciences) qualifications from Harvard University. Outside academia he served as a senior consultant on policy-making and planning for the Israeli government, and founded the Jewish People Policy Planning Institute.[2] He engaged in international consultantship, serving inter alia from 1968-70 as a senior staff member at the American Rand Corporation.


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