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Yehuda Heller Kahana

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Yehuda Heller-Kahane (2 December 1743 – 22 April 1819) (Hebrew: יהודה בן יוסף הכהן) was a Rabbi, Talmudist, and Halachist in Galicia. He was known as "the Kuntras HaSfeikos" based on his work, Kuntras HaSfeikos (Hebrew: קונטרס הספיקות).[1]

Life and works[edit]

In 1743 Yehuda was born to his father Yosef in the Galician town of Kalush (presently located in Ukraine). Contrary to some historical reports, Yehuda was not a fourth-generation descendant from Rabbi Yom-Tov Lipmann Heller, but fifth generation. The family tree is shown in Yom Tov's biography (linked above). He was one of five brothers (with Chaim, Mordechai, Daniel, and Aryeh Leib the Ketzos HaChoshen) and one sister.

He was the first Rabbi of Sighet, in Transylvania, that time part of the Kingdom of Hungary (now part of Romania).

R. Yehuda wrote: Kuntras HaSfeikos which documents cases in the Gemara regarding monetary disputes, as well as Terumas Hakri, a commentary on the Shulchan Aruch.


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