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Construction of Yekaterinburg-City

Yekaterinburg-City is a commercial center under construction in the center of Yekaterinburg. The project combines more than 400,000 square meters of commercial space, offices, hotels, entertainment centers, cafes, and restaurants. The plans include 12 buildings: four office towers, a commercial area to accommodate typical small and average-sized businesses, a so-called trading gallery and two hotels.[1] The area occupies five hectares.[2] The construction is due to be finished in 2018. The cost of the project is estimated at 1,000,000,000 euros.[3] The project's primary investor is UGMK-HOLDING.[1]

Iset tower[edit]

Floors: 52

Height: 209 m.

Construction period: 2015

The tower began groundworks in 2008. It will cost about 230 million dollars. The Iset building will be a first-class 48-story office building, with office space, a business club, a convention center, restaurant, cafe, fitness center, and boutiques.

Ural tower[edit]

Use: offices, restaurants, conference halls

Area: 117,800 sq m

Floors: 45-65

Height: 380 m

Construction period: till 2012

Tatischev tower[edit]

Use: offices, restaurants, conference halls

Area: 78,000 sq m

Floors: 35

Construction period: till 2012

Gennin tower[edit]

Use: offices, restaurants, conference halls

Area: 96,000 sq m

Floors: 45-50

Construction period: till 2014

Hyatt Hotel[edit]

Hyatt Ekaterinburg.jpg

Floors: 20

Demidof Plaza[edit]

The multi-purpose center around the congress hall.

Area: 130,090 sq m

Ekaterina Boulevard and Business-park[edit]

Use: commerce, offices

Area: 44,000 sq m

Construction period: till 2011

Ekaterina Boulevard - a three-level covered gallery of shops, cafes and small restaurants. Business-park - a complex of offices of a class <A>


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