Yekutiel Gershoni

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Olympic medal record
Athletics (Paralympics)
Silver medal – second place 1980 Arnheim 1,500m
Silver medal – second place 1980 Arnheim 400m
Silver medal – second place 1980 Arnheim 100m
Bronze medal – third place 1980 Arnheim long jump
Bronze medal – third place 1984 New York 5,000m

Yekutiel Gershoni (Hebrew: יקותיאל גרשוני‎‎; born 1943) is an Israeli historian and a former paralympic champion.

Gershoni was injured in November 1969 during his service with the IDF. He was Captain at the time, patrolling near the Israeli-Jordanian border, when a mine was operated from a distance and amputated his arms. His vision and hearing were also severely hurt.

A year after his injury Gershoni began studying Middle Eastern studies and African studies at Tel Aviv University. He completed with honors his two degrees and completed his PhD in 1982 from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Gershoni developed an academic career despite him facing challenges when writing his publications. During 2000 - 2004 he was head of the department for Middle Eastern and African studies at Tel Aviv University, in which he was promoted to the rank of professor in 1995. In 2001–02 he also used as President of the International Association for Liberian Studies. Gershoni also used as assistant researcher and lecturer at Stanford University, Boston University and Indiana University.

Gershoni was active in disabled sports, competing at the 1980 and 1984 Paralympic Games in running and in long jump.

Gershoni is married and father of three.

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