Yelagin Island

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Coordinates: 59°58′46″N 30°16′05″E / 59.979407°N 30.26808°E / 59.979407; 30.26808

Yelagin Island (Russian: Елагин остров) is an island at the mouth of the Neva River which is part of St. Petersburg, Russia. Yelagin Island is home to the Yelagin Palace but has few other buildings; the island initially served as a wooded retreat for the ruling class. Originally known as Melgunov Island, the island takes its present name from its former owner, Ivan Yelagin (1725-93), best known as a founding father of the Russian Freemasonry. After the Russian Revolution, the isle was opened to the public as an urban park which still bears the name of Sergei Kirov.

The island is a popular weekend destination for Petersburgers. Visitors can rent boats to navigate the island's several ponds and canals. There are also rollerblade and bicycle rentals, as well as several attractions for children including pony rides, miniature trains and playgrounds. The island also features several kilometers of paved pathways.

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