Yelena Chernykh

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Yelena Chernykh
Cyrillic: Елена Черных
(or Helen Black)
Born Yelena Kolesnichenko
(1979-08-24)August 24, 1979
Volzhskoye, Russian SFSR, USSR
Died October 4, 2011(2011-10-04) (aged 32)
Novoanninsky, Novoanninsky District, Volgograd Oblast, Russia
Occupation Stage actress
Years active 2001–2011
Spouse(s) Yegor Chernykh
(m? - 2011 (her death); 1 child

Yelena Chernykh (Cyrillic: Елена Черных) (August 24, 1979 – October 4, 2011) was a Russian theatre actress.[1][2] She has been called "хрупкая красавица и вместе с тем необычайно выносливая актриса" (a fragile beauty and yet extraordinarily hardy actress).[3]


The 32-year-old actress was killed in a car crash on 4 October 2011 in Novoanninsky, along with fellow actors, 59-year-old Aleksandr Yegorov and 52-year-old Valentina Yudina.[4] Chernykh and Yegorov, who both died in the same collision, were considered favorite artists of the "Волгоградского музыкально-драматического казачьего театра" (Volgograd Music and Drama Theatre of the Cossack).[5]

At the time her death, Yelena was married to Yegor Chernykh, with whom she had one daughter.[3]


Her better known theater works[2][6] include

  • Эй, ты, здравствуй! (Hey, you, hello!) by Г. Мамлина (G. Mamlina)
  • Андрей-Стрелок и Марья-Голубка (Andrew, Archer and Maria Dove) by И. Токмаковой (I. Tokmakova)
  • Хуторяне (Hutoryane) by А. Копкова (A. Kopkova)
  • Чубатые ребяты (Curly guys) by Ю. Войтова (Yu Voitova)
  • От любви до ненависти (From love to hate) by Н. Старицкого (N. Staritskogo)
  • Святочная история (Yule Story) by Чарльза Диккенса (Charles Dickens)
  • Эшелон (Echelon) by М.М. Рощина (MM Roshchin)
  • От сердца к сердцу (Heart to Heart) by Ю. Войтова (Yu Voitova)
  • Моя граница — моя судьба (My border - my destiny) by Ю. Войтова (Yu Voitova)
  • Кошкин дом (Cat House) by С.Я. Маршака (SY Marshak).


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