Yellow-streaked greenbul

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Yellow-streaked greenbul
Yellow-streaked Greenbul (or Yellow-streaked Bulbul), Phyllastrephus flavostriatus at Agatha Plantation, Tzaneen, South Africa (14514831440).jpg
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Aves
Order: Passeriformes
Family: Pycnonotidae
Genus: Phyllastrephus
Species: P. flavostriatus
Binomial name
Phyllastrephus flavostriatus
(Sharpe, 1876)
Phyllastrephus flavostriatus distribution map.png
  • Andropadus flavostriatus
  • Phyllastrephus olivaceo-griseus

The yellow-streaked greenbul or yellow-streaked bulbul (Phyllastrephus flavostriatus) is a species of songbird in the bulbul family, Pycnonotidae. It is found in eastern and south-eastern Africa. Its natural habitats are subtropical or tropical moist lowland forest and subtropical or tropical moist montane forest.

Taxonomy and systematics[edit]

The yellow-streaked greenbul was originally described in the genus Andropadus. Additionally, some authorities have considered Sharpe's greenbul to also be a subspecies of the yellow-streaked greenbul. Alternate names for the yellow-streaked greenbul include the yellow-streaked bulbul and yellow-bellied greenbul.


Seven subspecies are recognized:[2]

  • P. f. graueriNeumann, 1908: Originally described as a separate species. Found in the highlands near Lake Albert, Lake Edward and Lake Kivu (eastern and north-eastern Democratic Republic of Congo)
  • Kivu olive greenbul (P. f. olivaceogriseus) – Reichenow, 1908: Originally described as a separate species. Found in the Rwenzori Mountains, Itombwe Mountains and Mt. Kabobo (eastern Democratic Republic of Congo), western Uganda, western Rwanda and northern Burundi
  • P. f. kungwensisMoreau, 1941: Found in western Tanzania
  • P. f. uzungwensisJensen & Stuart, 1982: Found in the Udzungwa Mountains (eastern Tanzania)
  • P. f. tenuirostris(Fischer, GA & Reichenow, 1884): Originally described in the genus Xenocichla (a synonym for Bleda). Found in south-eastern Kenya, eastern Tanzania and north-eastern Mozambique
  • P. f. vincentiGrant, CHB & Mackworth-Praed, 1940: Found in south-eastern Malawi and western Mozambique
  • South African yellow-streaked greenbul (P. f. flavostriatus) – (Sharpe, 1876): Originally described in the genus Andropadus. Found in eastern Zimbabwe, southern Mozambique and eastern South Africa


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