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Yellow Book may refer to:

  • The Yellow Book (1894-97), a leading UK literary journal
  • Yellowbook, a US telephone directory publisher, part of the Hibu group.
  • "Yellow Book", nickname for Guidance for applying TCSEC in Specific Environments, part of the "Rainbow Series" of computer security standards books
  • General Location of National System of Interstate Highways, nicknamed "Yellow Book"
  • The set of telecommunications Recommendations, issued by the International Telecommunication Union Standardisation Sector in 1980, is referred to as the yellow book because of the color of their covers. This is to be contrasted with the red book (1984) and blue book (1988) versions of ITU-T Recommendations.
  • Yellow Book Transport Service (YBTS), the transport-layer protocol of the UK Coloured Book protocols
  • Yellow Book, a name for the Government Auditing Standards, standards relating to audits of governments in the United States, issued by the Government Accountability Office
  • The Government Profit Formula and its Associated Arrangements, rules governing no-bid contracts by the British Ministry of Defence
  • A UK guide to gardens opened for charity. It is published by the National Gardens Scheme
  • The Yellow Book (Listing Rules), term for the UK Financial Conduct Authority's Listing Rules
  • The Yellow Book (1975), also known as The Oral Transmission of the Intelligent Father, is a text asserting the pre-eminence of the Gelug school over other denominations of Buddhism