Ice Adonis

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Ice Adonis
Yellow Boots Poster.jpg
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Also known as 'Yellow Boots'
Genre Melodrama
Written by Yeo Jung-mi
Directed by Choi Eun-kyung
Starring Lee Yoo-ri
Hyun Woo-sung
Yoon A-jung
Jung Chan
Country of origin South Korea
Original language(s) Korean
No. of episodes 108
Executive producer(s) Baek Ho-min
Production company(s) MBC C&I
Distributor CJ E&M
Original network tvN
Original release February 27 (2012-02-27) – August 30, 2012 (2012-08-30)
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Ice Adonis (Hangul노란 복수초; RRNoran Boksucho; lit. Yellow Adonis), also known as Yellow Boots, is a 2012 South Korean television drama series starring Lee Yoo-ri, Hyun Woo-sung, Yoon A-jung and Jung Chan. It aired on TVN from February 27 to August 30, 2012 on Mondays to Thursdays at 9:45 a.m. for 108 episodes. The Korean title is named after the flower Adonis amurensis.


Yeon Hwa and Yoo Ra became sisters after Yeon Hwa's mother engaged with Yoo Ra's father, but there is an invisible distance between both of them, especially Yeon Hwa's lover is Yoon Jae, who Yoo Ra crushes on. Until one day, Yoo Ra's car accidentally crashes into Yoon Hee, Yoon Jae's beloved sister, causing her to die. Yoo Ra then, comes up with a plan to blame Yeon Hwa for the accident, with the help of her father; a judge, and a police officer Park, whom she and her father bribe. This causes Yeon Hwa to be sentenced in jail for three years. When Yeon Hwa heard the news that Yoon Jae and Yoo Ra are to be married, she makes and escape from jail and plans to show up at the wedding unannounced, and do something drastic to Yoo Ra to get her to confess. After knowing that Yoon Jae and Yoo Ra are now a seemingly happy couple, Yeon Hwa decides to focus on keeping her health strong, and gives birth to a boy named TaeYang (she didn't know she was pregnant before trying to escape prison). Because she is in jail, she is only allowed to take care of her baby for 18 months, and the baby has to be sent away, where they can get picked up after their parent is released from jail. At 18 months. the baby is heading off to an orphanage. However, Yoo Ra finds out about the baby and decides to switch his identity with another baby and send TaeYang to a different couple, who was looking for a kid to adopt.

Later on, Yeon Hwa is released out of jail earlier, and she decides to bring Taeyang home, but she quickly finds out that Taeyang is nowhere to be seen and that none of the kids found at the orphanage is her child. Devastated, she decides to go on a search for Taeyang, as she starts to revenge on Yoo Ra, Choi In Seok, and police officer Park Chang Do, and prove her innocence. Her revenge goes through many hardships, though, as her mother is kidnapped 2 times and has become disabled and hospitalized. She also finds out about Taeyang's death, which is fake written by Yoo Ra. But many times, Yeon Hwa succeeds in her plans, and wins over the position as vice president of J cosmetics, and gains the trust from chairwoman Julia, Yoon Jae's biological mother, who was once set up by Yoon Jae's stepmother, causing Yoon Jae to misunderstand that his mother was cheating when she really was set up. Yeon Hwa, also starts a relationship with the president of J cosmetics,Choi Kang Wook, who is also the step brother of Yoon Jae.


Main cast[edit]

A kind hearted girl, who happens to be Yoon Jae's girlfriend; later ex-girlfriend, Yoo Ra's stepsister/rival, and Kang Wook's later on fiance. She was wrongly convicted of murder, set up by Yoo ra. While being in jail, she gives birth to Yoon Jae's child, but because she is in jail, she is forced to send her child, Taeyang to an orphanage when he is 18 months old. However, when Yeon Hwa is released from jail, she realized Taeyang has been taken away. She goes on a search to find him, and starts her revenge in the people she believed to have set her up. Throughout her revenge quest, she starts a relationship with Kang Wook and gains the trust of chairwoman Julia.

The kind eldest son of J cosmetics, who happens to be Yeon Hwa's boyfriend; later ex-boyfriend, Yoo Ra's childhood friend/long term crush, and Kang Wook's step brother. He truly and really loves Yeon Hwa and plans to marry her, but when Yeon Hwa was framed of killing his sister, he becomes upset and heartbroken, unaware that she was wrongly convicted. He then agrees to marry Yoo Ra. Later on, Yeon Hwa is released out of jail, and has reapplied to be an employer at J cosmetics. Yoon Jae still believes that Yeon Hwa is the murderer, and tries his best not to care about her, but he still has feelings and protects her. He is the father of Taeyang, and has no idea about it and Yoo Ra's evil plans. At times, he finds out about a few of Yoo Ra's plans to ruin Yeon Hwa, but has no idea Yoo Ra's plans years ago when the incident occurred, but he later found his wife suspicious and teams up with Kim Tae In to find out if Yoo Ra is really the murderer of Yoon Hee.

The ambitious daughter of a judge, Yeon Hwa's stepsister, and Yoon Jae's childhood friend, whom she crushes on. She rivals Yeon Hwa, and does anything to get her kicked out of J cosmetics. She believes that Yoon Jae likes her, but is jealous and angry to find out that her crush is the boyfriend of her one and only rival, and she starts a plan to break them up. One day, she accidentally hits Yoon Jae's sister Yoon Hee, causing Yoon Hee to die. Yoo ra, scared that she will go to jail and lose the trust from Yoon Jae, decides to team up with her father;the judge, and a police officer, and frame Yeon Hwa, Yeon Hwa is then framed for 3 years. Yoo Ra marries Yoon Jae thinks she can finally relax peacefully, but only until she finds out that Yeon Hwa had given birth to Yoon Jae's son. Thinking that she will once again lose her husband, she switches the identity of the baby at the orphanage, and send him to another couple, without anyone knowing, Later on, she finds out that Yeon Hwa is released from jail. From then on, she tries many ways to ruin Yeon Hwa, but most fail. She then starts losing Yoo Jae's attention, until she gets pregnant, and uses this to rub it in Yeon Hwa's face, as Yeon Hwa gets a fake death report of her child. But not for long, she has a miscarriage and blames Yeon Hwa for the loss of her baby. She also slowly becomes to be suspected by her husband and he secretly starts setting her up and testing her.

A kind and responsible son of Jang Min Ja. step brother of Yoon Jae, and Yeon Hwa's later on fiance. He competes with Yoon Jae, with the help from his mother, and becomes the president of J cosmetics. He secretly helps Yeon Hwa, and send her supporting notes when she is in jail, using the identity as Cho Ru Ba. He supports Yeon Hwa even after she is released from jail and does anything to help her. He falls for her genuinely and proposes her, which she agrees for the sake of her revenge. He finds out about Yeon Hwa's true feelings, but decides to still marry her, despite the fact she does not have true love feelings for him, but thanks him for helping her. He dies after saving Yeon Hwa's son. Yeon Hwa also finds out about Cho Ru Ba's true identity.

Supporting cast[edit]

She has a small special-aid problem, and only listens to her sister and mother. She is scared of Jo Myung Ru, her step grandma, and Yoo ra. She believes in her sister's innocence, and helps her sister take care of her mother. Soo Ae also starts to have a close relationship with Kim Tae In

The beloved mother of Yeon Hwa and Soo Ae. She becomes In Seok's wife and Yoo Ra's stepmother. She has evidence to prove that Yoo Ra is the true murderer and that her daughter has been wrongly convicted, and In Seok had contributions to the plans. Because of these evidences, Yoo Ra had kidnapped Kyung Sook 2 times, leaving her hospitalized and disabled, for a while.

  • Yoo Hye-ri as Jang Min-ja

The evil stepmother oh Yoon Jae and Yoon Hee, and the mother of Kang Wook. She was once a maid of the Ha family. One day, she sets up Joo Hye Ran, the wife of the Ha family, making it look like Hye Ran left her kids and husband for another guy. Thus, Min Ja seduces the chairman of J cosmetics and becomes his wife and Yoon Jae/Yoon Hee's stepmother. She plans for her son Kang Wook to become the president of J cosmetics. She also tries to win the trust of chairwoman Julia, who she has no idea that Julia is Hye Ran, coming back for revenge.

The beloved sister of Yoon Jae, the team leader of J cosmetics, and the girlfriend of Kim Tae In, and is pregnant with his child. Because of her relationship with Tae In, her brother Yoon Jae strongly disapproves. One day, Yoo Ra hits her with her car, and Yoon Hee dies. Before dying, she points to Yoo Ra, saying that she was the murderer, but everyone mistakens that she poited to Yeon Hwa, thus, making Yeon Hwa the murderer.

The beloved boyfriend of Ha Yoon Hee. He believes that Yeon Hwa has caused Yoon Hee and his non born son's death, and thus uses prower to revenge. However, he slowly starts to believe that Yeon Hwa is innocent and starts to suspect Yoo Ra, and targets her police officer, the one who hid all the evidence. He also starts a close connection with Yeon Hwa's sister, Soo Ae.

  • Choi Sang-hoon as Choi In-seok

Kyung Sook's husband, Yoo Ra's dad, Yeon Hwa's stepdad, and a court judge. To protect his daughter from being sentenced for murdering, he takes advantage on his position as a jadge and teams up with Yoo Ra and Chang Do, and sentences Yeon Hwa. He knows most of Yoo Ra's wrongdoings, but stays quiet, thinking that is the way to protect his daughter. He later gets higher positions in society, which he used his power and the help of Yeon Hwa. (this was one of her plans to revenge)

The grandmother of Yoo ra, and the father of In Seok. She has no clue about Yoo Ra and In Seok's plans. She also dislikes Yeon Hwa, Kyung sook, and Soo Ae.

The police officer, which Yoo Ra and In Seok bribed to hide all the evidence about the car accident. He is often bugged by Yoo ra. He becomes Tae In's target.

The chairwoman. She is the biological mother of Yoon Jae and Yoon Hee, but was set up by Min Ja, and got into an accident. She plans to revenge on Min Ja. She also supports Yeon Hwa, and helps her with her revenge, believing that Yeon Hwa isn't the true murderer.

  • Ham Jin-sung as Tae-il's subordinate
  • Yoo Pil-ran as hairstyling instructor


Ice Adonis topped the ratings chart amongst other cable programs for 18 consecutive weeks, which resulted in its original run of 100 episodes being extended by eight more episodes.[1] Distribution rights were later sold to Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Philippines and Indonesia.[2]

International broadcast[edit]

  • It aired in Vietnam from December 24, 2012 on TodayTV - VTC7, under the name Lửa hận tình thù.
  • It aired in Philippine from November 23, 2015 on GMA7
  • It was remade in Ukrain in 2015 by Ukrainian TV Channel TVN under the name Snowdrop.It aired primetime .It had 100 episodes of 45 minutes.This was the first remake of this show.


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