Yellow Dog (bootlegger)

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Yellow Dog Records
Founded 1989
Status Defunct
Genre Rock
Country of origin Europe (1989-2002), Japan (1996-2006)

Yellow Dog was a prominent publisher of bootlegs by many prominent artists. The label released series such as 'Unsurpassed Masters' (outtakes by many artists including The Beatles and The Beach Boys and 'Day By Day' (the complete Get Back sessions). This label has in turn been copied by many other bootleg labels, such as Kiss The Stone and Chapter One. The label was shut down in Europe in 2002, but continued to run in Japan until 2006.


Yellow Dog also maintained many sublabels:

  1. Black Dog Records - Released titles similar to those released on Yellow Dog, lasted from 1992-2006
  2. Cool Romeo - Released titles by Elvis Presley, only used in 2000
  3. Dandelion - Released titles by The Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan, lasted from 1998-2001
  4. Dumb Angel - Released titles like The Beach Boys, only used in 2000
  5. Green Cat - Only released one CD in 2000
  6. Hard Rain - Released a few titles, lasted from 1995-2000)
  7. Library Product - Mainly released Paul McCartney titles, only used in 2000
  8. Midnight Beat - Primarily released Jimi Hendrix titles, but released many other titles as well, lasted from 1992-2002
  9. Mistral Music - Released various titles from 1991-1994)
  10. Moonlight - Released titles by a various number of artists, lasted from 1990-1996
  11. Orange - Released many titles in 2000
  12. Rattle Snake - Released titles by The Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan. This label is still active
  13. Sea Of Tunes - Released titles by The Beach Boys, lasted from 1997-2007
  14. Sidewalk - Released titles by The Beatles and other artists in 2000
  15. Strawberry Records - Released titles by The Beatles, lasted from 1988-2002
  16. Yellow Cat Records - Released titles by a variety of artists, lasted from 1993-2005

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