Yellow Jack

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Yellow Jack
Yellow jack.jpg
Directed by George B. Seitz
Produced by Jack Cummings
Written by Sidney Howard (play)
Paul de Kruif (play collaborator)
Edward Chodorov (screenplay)
Starring Robert Montgomery
Virginia Bruce
Lewis Stone
Andy Devine
Henry Hull
Charles Coburn
Buddy Ebsen
Cinematography Lester White
Edited by Blanche Sewell
Distributed by Loew's Inc.
Release date
  • May 27, 1938 (1938-05-27)
Running time
83 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Yellow Jack refers to a 1934 play (see Yellow Jack (play) and a 1938 Hollywood movie by the same name. Both were co-written by Sidney Howard and Paul de Kruif (the former a Pulitzer- and Oscar-winning playwright and screenwriter; the latter a well-known microbiologist and author).

The plot line follows the events of the well-known "Walter Reed Boards," in which Major Walter Reed of the U.S. Army worked to diagnose and treat yellow fever (called “yellow jack”) in Cuba in 1898-1900. The U.S. Army Medical Corps doctors studied the theory by the Cuban doctor Carlos Finlay that the disease was caused by bites of infected Aedes aegypti mosquitoes, a concept which had been ridiculed. The dramas portrayed the soldiers who volunteered to be human "guinea pigs" by allowing themselves to be bitten and contract the deadly disease, for which no cure was then known. (See History of yellow fever).

James Stewart had his first dramatic role in the 1934 Broadway play. The experience led him to stay with acting and he first entered movies later that year.

The play and screenplay were adapted for television by Celanese Theatre (1952) and Producers' Showcase (1955), in episodes titled Yellow Jack.

Radio adaptation[edit]

Yellow Jack was presented on Philip Morris Playhouse September 5, 1941.[1]


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