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Yellow River Conservancy Commission

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Yellow River Conservancy Commission (YRCC) is a government agency of Ministry of Water Resources of the People's Republic of China. YRCC takes responsibility of water administration of the Yellow River basin and the inland river basins in such province as Xinjiang, Qinghai, Gansu and Inner Mongolia.



  • Office of Administration, YRCC
    • Office of the Chief Engineer, YRCC
    • Department of Planning and Programming, YRCC
    • Department of Water Policy, YRCC (Water-policy Supervising Team)
    • Department of Water Resources Management and Regulation, YRCC
    • Department of Financial Affairs, YRCC
    • Department of Personnel, Labour and Education, YRCC
    • Department of International Cooperation, Science and Technology, YRCC
    • Department of Construction and Management, YRCC (Yellow River Basin Branch, Water Project Quality Control Station of the Ministry of Water Resources)
    • Department of Water and Soil Conservation, YRCC
    • The Office of Flood Control, YRCC
    • Department of Supervision, YRCC
    • Department of Auditing, YRCC
    • Department of Retirement Administration, YRCC
    • Chinese Communist Committee, YRCC
    • Yellow River Committee of Agricultural, Forestry and Water Conservancy Workers Union of China

Additional Unit[edit]

Institutional Units[edit]

  • Yellow River Shandong Bureau, YRCC
  • Yellow River Henan Bureau, YRCC
  • Upper and Middle Yellow River Bureau, YRCC
  • Heihe River Bureau, YRCC
  • Hydrological Bureau, YRCC
  • Economic Development and Management Bureau, YRCC
  • Yellow River Institute of Hydraulic Research, YRCC
  • Resettlement Bureau, YRCC
  • Yellow River Administrative Service Centre, YRCC
  • Yellow River Central Hospital, YRCC
  • Press and Publication Center, YRCC
  • Information Center, YRCC
  • Yellow River Xiaobeiganliu Shanxi Bureau, YRCC
  • Yellow River Xiaobeiganliu Shaanxi Bureau, YRCC


  • Institute of Hydraulic Survey, Programming and Designing, YRCC
  • Yellow River Mingzhu (Holding) Co. Ltd. (Management Bureau of Sanmenxia Multipurpose Project)

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