Yellow Tanabe

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Yellow Tanabe
Born Tokyo, Japan
Nationality Japanese
Area(s) Manga artist
Notable works
Awards 52nd Shogakukan Manga Award for shōnen manga for Kekkaishi

Yellow Tanabe (田辺イエロウ Tanabe Ierou?, born June 13, 19?? in Tokyo) is a Japanese manga artist. She was an assistant for Mitsuru Adachi and Makoto Raiku and made her debut in 2002 with the short story Lost Princess. She is best known for the manga series Kekkaishi, which has been adapted as an anime television series and translated into many languages. She published a one-shot story in the inaugural issue of the revival of Monthly Shōnen Sunday in May 2009.[1]

She was born on June 13 in Tokyo,[2] and she graduated from the Musashino Art University.[3] In 2007 she won the Shogakukan Manga Award for shōnen manga for Kekkaishi.[4]

Quote from Tanabe:

"First, I want to thank everyone who support me, one way or another, whether it be those who are involved in the production or the readers.

Thanks to everyone, I've received the prize.

In celebration to the prize, the editorial department has sent me a huge bouquet of flower, so now my entire room smells like flower as I write this comment. To be honest, the whole thing still feels very unreal and I don't have much feelings about it right now. Everyone around me is congratulating me, which leads to an incredible atmosphere that makes me really happy.

You know, in terms of creation, I am still only testing the ground, I try whatever I think will be great, but many times, it ends up turning out weird for me. I'm reflecting on it and I want to improve myself.

I am very thankful to many people, because I think I am able to create very freely. Though, when I've gone too far, please secretly stop me.

I'm still a newcomer, but I will make a better effort from now on, so please look forward to it everyone. Thank you." [5]


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