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Yellowfin bream, yellow bream, yellow sea bream, or yellowfin sea bream are the common names for several species of sea breams with very similar appearances:

  • Acanthopagrus australis (also known as surf bream, silver bream, black bream, and eastern black bream), marine and freshwater species from eastern Australia
  • Acanthopagrus berda (also known as goldsilk seabream, pikey bream, silver bream, black bream and picnic sea bream), marine species from the Indian Ocean
  • Acanthopagrus butcheri (also known as black bream, southern black bream, silver bream, golden bream, and southern yellowfin bream), marine and freshwater species from southern Australia
  • Acanthopagrus latus (also known as Japanese bream, West Australian bream, datina, and yellow-finned black porgy), marine species from East Asia, Southeast Asia, and Australia
  • Rhabdosargus sarba (also known as goldlined seabream, silver bream, and tarwhine), marine species from the Indo-West Pacific

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