Yellowknife River

Coordinates: 62°31′10″N 114°19′15″W / 62.51953°N 114.32087°W / 62.51953; -114.32087 (Yellowknife River mouth)
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Yellowknife River
Yellowknife River downstream.JPG
Yellowknife River looking downstream near where it flows under the Ingraham Trail
Yellowknife River is located in Canada
Yellowknife River
Location of mouth
ProvinceNorthwest Territories
Physical characteristics
 • location
Great Slave Lake,
 • coordinates
62°31′10″N 114°19′15″W / 62.51953°N 114.32087°W / 62.51953; -114.32087 (Yellowknife River mouth)
Basin features
River systemMackenzie River

The Yellowknife River is a river in the Northwest Territories, Canada. It flows south and empties into Yellowknife Bay, part of Great Slave Lake, at the city of Yellowknife. The lake is drained by the Mackenzie River into the Arctic Ocean as part of the largest drainage basin in Canada. The name of the river derives from the Yellowknives Dene, a First Nations people who have lived in the area for thousands of years.

The city of Yellowknife draws its water supply from the river.[1]

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