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Industry Internet Advertising
Founded 2012
Headquarters U.S.
Parent (1996–2005)
SBC/AT&T (2005-2006, 60%; 2006-2012, 100%)
BellSouth (2005-2006, 40%)
YP Holdings (2012-present)
Website, rebranded as in 2009 as an Internet web site operated by YP. It employs 4000 local marketing consultants and customer service professionals, and offers a broad range of marketing solutions including online presence, local search, display ads and direct marketing. It was previously a wholly owned subsidiary of AT&T.[1]


In late 2004, BellSouth Corp and SBC Communications Inc. purchased Inc. reportedly for US $120 Million. The companies formed a joint venture to run the business. The two companies had been working together on another joint venture called Cingular, a wireless carrier in the US. Each company had its own Online Yellow Pages: BellSouth owned and SBC owned The two sites effectively merged into the newly acquired

In 2005, SBC acquired AT&T and took on the stronger AT&T brand. One year later, AT&T acquired Bellsouth for US $67 Billion. At this point, the business was no longer a joint venture, instead, it became a wholly owned subsidiary of AT&T, also doing business as AT&T Interactive.

In 2009, the site was rebranded as

In 2012, Cerberus Capital Management acquired a majority share of LLC, as well as the print Yellow Pages business from AT&T. The business is now operating under YP LLC. YP has expanded its offers to include digital marketing. In 2013, YP rebranded and position itself in the field of digital marketing, and in 2015, its marketing operations has been rebranded to YP Marketing Solutions.

On July 31, 2012, YP was included in PaidContent50's list of "the world's most successful digital media companies" based on 2011 digital ad revenue.[1]

In July 2014, YP app was ranked #37[2][better source needed] out of the top 100 applications downloaded for Apple's smartphone.


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