Yellur, Belgaum

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Yellur is located in Karnataka
Location in Karnataka, India
Yellur is located in India
Yellur (India)
Coordinates: 15°46′54″N 74°31′4″E / 15.78167°N 74.51778°E / 15.78167; 74.51778Coordinates: 15°46′54″N 74°31′4″E / 15.78167°N 74.51778°E / 15.78167; 74.51778
Country India
 • OfficialKannada
Time zoneUTC+5:30 (IST)

Yellur is a village and Gram panchayat in the Belgaum district, state of Karnataka, India.[1] It is situated at the foot of a small hillock locally called Yellurgad (Rajhans Gad), 6 km (3.7 mi) to the south of the city of Belgaum. It is a village with multiple temples dedicated to Brahmalling, Kalmeshwar, Lakshmi, Dattatreya, Parameshwara, Hanuman and Changaleshwari. The jatra in honour of the goddess is held during Chaitra, when about 20,000 people participate.


The village is surrounded by farms and fields, with rice as a major crop. A majority of the residents are farmers and construction laborers. Yellur has 3 government schools and 4 high schools. Most of the students go to the city of Belgaum for higher education. Yellur is one of the villages in the border region where the majority locals are Marathi speakers.

Places of interest[edit]

Yellurgad (Yellur Fort), located within the vicinity of Belgaum Taluka, stands on a hill with a scenic view. It is situated nearly 3310 ft (1010 m) above sea level. There is vehicle access. According to sources,[who?] this fort dates back many centuries; its rulers included the Yadavas, Hoysalas, Bahamani, Adilshahi, and Marathas.


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