Yemen Mobile

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Yemen Mobile
Industry Telecommunications
Founded 2004
Headquarters Yemen
Products CDMA service provider

Yemen Mobile is a CDMA 2000 network provider founded in Yemen in 2004 by the Yemen ministry of telecommunication and is considered[by whom?] the first CDMA network operator in the Middle East. Yemen Mobile CDMA system is based on the HUAWEI Technologies. According to the 3GPP2 standard, CDMA 2000 system is fully compatible with IS-95 cellular phones, so it is normal that any IS-95 phone is supported by Yemen mobile.In 2012, Yemen mobile implemented ZTE network beside Huawei network as well as using LG-Nortel network in some eastern parts of the country. Yemen Mobile is the first 3G company in Yemen that provides CDMA 20001x and EVDO services. Yemen mobile was established in 2004 as a third wireless operator in Yemen and initially provided the circuit switch services beside to packet switch services which enable its customers to use data services and the Internet at a speed of 153 kbit/s as a maximum rate by implementing CDMA20001x which is 2.5G technology according to 3GPP2 standard. By 2007, it had become a corporation company and jumped to the top of mobile operators in the country in term of subscribers number and coverage.[citation needed]

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