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Yen Plus
Yen Plus cover.gif
Cover of the first issue of Yen Plus featuring Maka and Soul Eater from Soul Eater. Illustration by Atsushi Okubo.
Categories Manga, Manhwa, OEL manga
Frequency Monthly
Publisher Yen Press
First issue July 29, 2008
Final issue July 2010 (print)
December 2013 (online)
Country United States
Language English
ISSN 1942-440X

Yen Plus was an American monthly anthology magazine of Japanese manga, Korean manhwa, and Original English-language manga (OEL manga) published by Yen Press.

History and profile[edit]

The first issue of Yen Plus went on sale on July 29, 2008 with five manga titles originally published by Gangan Comics, four manhwa titles, and two OEL manga titles.[1][2][3][4] The magazine contains over 450 pages an issue, and reads both right-to-left for manga titles, and left-to-right for manhwa and OEL manga titles; as such, each issue has two covers. Although Yen Plus does not publicize official circulation figures, Hachette Book Group publicity materials for the Maximum Ride manga reported a circulation figure for Yen Plus of "nearly 100,000 copies" as of late 2008.[5] The print publication was suspended following the July 2010 issue and the magazine was published online.[6] In December 2013, the online version also folded.[1]

Serialized titles[edit]

This is a complete list of all titles serialized in Yen Plus. It does not include single chapter previews of titles. The titles currently running in the magazine are highlighted.

Title Author First Issue Last Issue Completed?
Bamboo Blade Masahiro Totsuka (author), Aguri Igarashi (artist) August 2008 May 2009 No
Black Butler Yana Toboso August 2009 July 2010 No
Higurashi When They Cry Ryukishi07 (author), Karin Suzuragi (artist) August 2008 January 2009 No
Hero Tales Huang Jin Zhou (author), Hiromu Arakawa (artist) February 2009 On hiatus[7] No
K-On! Kakifly September 2010 December 2013 No
Nabari no Ou Yuhki Kamatani August 2008 Unknown No
Pandora Hearts Jun Mochizuki June 2009 Unknown No
Soul Eater Atsushi Okubo August 2008 Unknown No
Sumomomo Momomo Shinobu Ohtaka August 2008 October 2009[8] No
Yotsuba&! Kiyohiko Azuma September 2010 December 2013 No
Title Author First Issue Last Issue Completed?
Aron's Absurd Armada MiSun Kim August 2010 December 2013 No
Jack Frost Jinho Ko August 2008 December 2013 No
One Fine Day Sirial August 2008 July 2010 Yes
Pig Bride KookHwa Huh (author), SuJin Kim (artist) August 2008 July 2010 Yes
Sarasah Ryang Ruy August 2008 June 2009[9] No
Time and Again JiUn Yun February 2009 December 2013 No
OEL manga
Title Author First Issue Last Issue Completed?
Daniel X SeungHui Kye August 2010 December 2013 No
Gossip Girl HyeKyung Baek August 2010 December 2013 No
Maximum Ride NaRae Lee August 2008 December 2013 No
Nightschool Svetlana Chmakova August 2008 December 2013 No


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