Yenikend reservoir

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Yenikend reservoir
Location Shamkir Rayon, Samukh Rayon, Azerbaijan
Coordinates 40°55′57″N 46°14′50″E / 40.93250°N 46.24722°E / 40.93250; 46.24722Coordinates: 40°55′57″N 46°14′50″E / 40.93250°N 46.24722°E / 40.93250; 46.24722
Type reservoir
Primary inflows Kura River
Primary outflows Kura River
Basin countries Azerbaijan
Surface area 23.2 km2 (9.0 sq mi)
Water volume 158 million m3

The Yenikend reservoir (Azerbaijani: Yenikənd su anbarı) is a large reservoir in the Shamkir Rayon of northwestern Azerbaijan. It is the third largest reservoir in the Caucasus after the Mingachevir and Shamkir reservoirs.[1][2]


Yenikend reservoir is located 14 km to the east of Shamkir reservoir. The reservoir with the 150 megawatt four turbine hydroelectric power station was built on Kura River and released for exploitation in 2000 in order to produce additional energy for surrounding regions. The overall area is 23.2 km2 (9.0 sq mi), water volume in the reservoir is 158 million m3.[3][4][5]

Through the Qarasaqqal channel, the reseroir is providing irrigation water to 6,000 ha (60 km2) of land in Samukh Rayon.[4] Since the start of its operations, the reservoir has not reserved water for long periods of time. Approximately 850 m3 (30,000 cu ft) of water is received from Kura and the same volume is discharged at the same time.[6]

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