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Yeo Valley
Formerly called
Yeo Valley Organics (-1990)
Industry Dairy
Founded 1961 (Yeo Valley)
Founder Roger Mead
Headquarters Bristol, United Kingdom
Area served
Key people
Roger Mead (Founder)
Tim Mead (CEO)
Products Yogurt
Brands Yeo Valley
Yeo Valley Restaurant
Yeo Gardens & Cafe
Rocombe Farm Ice Cream
Owner Mead Family (100%)

Yeo Valley is a family-owned farming and dairy company based in the village of Blagdon, in the Yeo Valley, and in Cannington, near Bridgwater, Somerset, England. It produces the Yeo Valley Family Farms range of yogurt and also two cafe / restaurants in Blagdon as well as the Roscombe Dairy Ice Cream brand. The company has been owned by its founder's (Roger Mead's) family, and is now run by his son Timothy Mead.


Yeo Valley Headquarters in Blagdon

Yeo Valley founders, Roger and Mary Mead began making yogurt, using milk from their dairy herd, in 1974, selling them from the gate of their farm and to local shops.[1] The present owner, Tim Mead, took over in 1990 when his father, Roger, died in a farming accident.[1]

Yeo Valley Organic production facility at Lag Farm in Blagdon

Production of organic yogurt was started in 1993, as local farmers who were producing organic milk had difficulty finding a consistent demand for it.[1] Yeo Valley encouraged more local farmers to become organic and form a co-operative, guaranting to buy their produce to cope with growing demand.[1] Today Yeo Valley Organic is a well-known organic dairy company, with many awards for product quality and innovation, and a Queen's Award for Enterprise presented in 2001 for the revolutionary way it worked with its farming suppliers, encouraging them to turn organic and giving them long-term ‘fair trade’ contracts.[2] The firm won another Queen's Award for Enterprise, for sustainable development, in 2006 for its "Approach to management with continuing support for sustainable UK organic farming thereby minimising environmental impact".[3]

In 2010, they launched a £5 million advertising campaign, created by Bartle Bogle Hegarty, featuring the Yeo Valley Rap, using commercial breaks in The X Factor finals, which went viral.[4] Their follow-up campaign which featured a spoof boy band, The Churned,[5] launched during the first X Factor live show on 8 October 2011. They subsequently released the single "Forever" on iTunes, and are running a karaoke style competition on their Facebook page where the winner will appear on their final ad during the X Factor final.

In March 2012, the business was re-branded as "Yeo Valley Family Farm" by Perry Haydn Taylor's agency Big Fish who redesigned their entire range of over 145 products, relaunched their digital communications and introduced a sales promotion plan.[6] Their new brand identity changed from a droplet of milk to a heart containing with the words "Yeo Valley Family Farm" and the strapline "Supporting British Family Farms" beneath it.

In 2010, Yeo Valley Group invested in fields to grow 'Elephant Grass', which the company describes as "It’s brilliant stuff and regrows every year, absorbing lots of CO2 as it grows." During the winter months, Yeo Valley's headquarters are powered by the bio-fuel.


Yeo Valley is the largest organic business in the UK producing over 2,000 tonnes of yogurt, butter, milk and ice cream each week.[7] The Yeo Valley Organic brand continues to grow and the range now includes: Yeogurt (fruity, low fat and Greek style varieties), milk, children's products (First Yeos, Little Yeos, Yeotubes and Smoothies), butter, cream, Frozen Yeogurt, ice cream, compote and rice pudding. Yeo Valley also sells non-organic yogurt under the more recently created Ubley brand, which was designed to take on big brands such as Müller and Danone.[8]

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