Yeogang High School

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Yeogang High School
Yeogang both.jpg
Motto"Yeogang strives to produce students filial to the nation, enthusiastic of the future, receptive to the community, and tolerate of all opinions."
Campus size44,152 square metres (10.91 acres)
6 buildings
Campus typeRural
Color(s)Navy, Gold and Red

Yeogang High School (Korean: 여강고등학교, Hanja: 驪江高等學校) and Yeogang Middle School (Korean: 여강중학교, Hanja: 驪江中學敎) are private-dependent, co-educational schools located in Yeoju, Gyeonggi Province, approximately one hour southeast of Seoul. The middle school serves grades seven to nine, while the high school serves grades ten to twelve. Offering students the choice of a comprehensive or vocational education, the former program prepares students for general university study, whereas the latter program prepares students for business and management university study or immediate employment.

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School seals[edit]

Seal of the Yeogang High School

The school moniker, in two three-stroke diamond inscribed blocks, consists of "yeo gang", or "bristle river". The name comes from the way local waterways sinuate like horse bristles during the wet season. The red badge symbolizes a strong will to study, the blue badge large dreams.