Yerba Buena High School

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Yerba Buena High School
Yerba Buena High School Logo.png
1855 Lucretia Avenue
San Jose, California, Santa Clara County 95122
United States
Coordinates 37°19′14″N 121°50′59″W / 37.3205°N 121.8497°W / 37.3205; -121.8497Coordinates: 37°19′14″N 121°50′59″W / 37.3205°N 121.8497°W / 37.3205; -121.8497
School type Public High School
Motto "Diversity is Our Strength
Strength comes from within"
Established 1971
School district East Side Union High School District
Superintendent Chris Funk
School code 053113
Principal Tom Huynh
Grades 9–12
Age range 13-18
Enrollment (approx) 1,800
Average class size 30
Campus size 40 acres
Color(s) Grey, Khaki, White, and Green                 
Athletics conference BVAL
Mascot Warriors
Nickname YB, YBHS, YB High School
Rival Andrew P. Hill High School
Accreditation 6 year term in 2015
Activities director Viet Trinh

Yerba Buena High School is a public, comprehensive four-year high school located in the East San Jose area of San Jose, California, USA. Its athletic teams are well-known, and the school has the Engineering MAGNET program and the Green Construction/Architecture MAGNET program.


The student body is roughly 10% from other South and Central America countries such as (Ecuador, El Salvador, Honduras), 55% Mexican and 40% Vietnamese American, with a small student body of Filipino Americans, Cambodian Americans, Africans Americans, and Caucasian.[1]

As of the 2012-2013 school year, Yerba Buena High School had a 72.68% graduation rate amongst its senior class. This number is up from the 2011-2012 graduation rate of 67.38%. Of these students, 31.56% who graduated met the requirements to admission to the University of California and/or California State University campuses.[2]


Advanced Placement (AP) courses are offered at Yerba Buena. As of 2013, 34% of students participated in at least one AP course and/or exam. The average number of tests per students taking the AP exams was 3.1.[3]

The school has the Engineering MAGNET program affiliated with Project Lead the Way for students to begin in grade 9 until graduation. The program focuses on a strong academic core curriculum that integrates the theoretical principles of math and science with practical application of technology. The program also provides college preparatory work in the humanities, foreign languages, and social sciences as well as summer enrichment classes.[4]

There is also the Green Construction/Architecture MAGNET program for students at Yerba Buena. In the program students learn important aspects of building development and design, and use mathematics, sciences, and standard engineering practices to design residential and commercial projects. Participating students document their work through a 3D architecture design software.[5]

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