Yeremey Parnov

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Yeremey Parnov
Born 20 October 1935
Kharkiv, USSR
Died 18 March 2009 (aged 73)
Moscow, Russia
Occupation Publicist
Nationality Russian
Genre Science fiction
Notable works Dusha Mira (translated as World Soul)

Yeremey Iudovich Parnov (Russian: Еремей Иудович Парнов; 20 October 1935 – 18 March 2009 ) was a Soviet and Jewish Russian writer and publicist. Parnov attended the Moscow Peat University and worked as a Chemical Engineer. He also used to work as a professional journalist. Parnov is an author of several popular scientific works such as Фантастика в век НТР or Зеркало Урании, apart from dozens of articles, sketches and essays.

Strikingly foreshadowing concerns of later decades, the 1964 Soviet novel World Soul (translated into English) by Yemtsev and Parnov dramatizes a supercomputer which uploads all human identities and downloads them in a global nightmare of scrambled individuality. In 1970 the co-authorship with Yemtsev has ceased. He died in 2009.



  • The Casket of Maria Medici[1]

Collaborative works with M. Yemtsev[edit]

Collected stories

  • Uravneniye s Blednogo Neptuna; English translation: The Pale Neptune Equation
  • Padeniye sverkhnovoy
  • Posledneye puteshestviye polkovnika Fosetta
  • Zelyonaya krevetka
  • Tri kvarka
  • Yarmarka teney


  • Dusha Mira; English translation: World Soul
  • More Diraka
  • Klochya tmy na igle vremeni


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