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Mkhitar Heratsi Yerevan State Medical University
Երեվանի Մխիթար Հերացու անվան Պետական Բժշկական Համալսարան
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RectorArmen A. Muradyan
40°11′16.02″N 44°31′31.15″E / 40.1877833°N 44.5253194°E / 40.1877833; 44.5253194Coordinates: 40°11′16.02″N 44°31′31.15″E / 40.1877833°N 44.5253194°E / 40.1877833; 44.5253194
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The Mkhitar Heratsi Yerevan State Medical University (YSMU, Armenian: Երեվանի Մխիթար Հերացու անվան Պետական Բժշկական Համալսարան), is the leading Armenian medical university located in Yerevan, Armenia.


On 31 January 1920, during the First Republic of Armenia, the People's University of Armenia opened in Alexandropol, with the presence of prime minister Alexander Khatisian and minister of culture and public education Nikol Aghbalian. In October of the same year, a decision was passed by then-minister of education Gevorg Ghazarian to establish the faculty of medicine in the university. However, due to political circumstances, the plan was never fulfilled. Armenia became a republic in December 1920.

In 1920, the medical faculty of Yerevan was founded by the government of Armenia.

On 25 May 1989 Yerevan State Medical University was named after the 12th-century Armenian physician Mkhitar Heratsi.[1]

Campuses and hospitals[edit]

Heratsi Hospital

The Medical University's campus is located in the center of the city on Koryun street. It is home to the following buildings:[2]

  • Main university building
  • Administrative building
  • Laboratory building
  • Anatomical building
  • Dental clinics building

Two hospitals operate under the jurisdiction of the Yerevan Medical University, where students complete practical experience. The Heratsi Hospital Complex No.1 is located near the university complex,[3] while the Muratsan Hospital Complex is located in the Erebuni District of Yerevan.[4]

Organization and Administration[edit]

The management of the Yerevan State Medical University is carried out according to legislation of the Republic of Armenia and the Charter of the University, on the basis of self-governance, in conjunction with the principles of sole management and collegiality.

The university's governing bodies are the Council, the Rector, the Scientific Council, and the Rectorate. The council is composed of 32 members and is drawn from the University professoriate, students, representatives of the Armenian government, the Ministry of Education and Science. The primary objectives of the University Council are the selection of the university rector, the university's development as well as the major directions of international cooperation, with the rector's presentation. The Board also debates and approves the University budget.[5]


Currently, YSMU has seven faculties:

  • Faculty of General Medicine
  • Faculty Stomatology
  • Faculty of Pharmacy
  • Faculty of Public Health
  • Faculty of Military Medicine
  • Professional and Continuing Education Centre
  • Dean's Office of International Student's Education

The chair of each faculty is the dean; the faculty committees manage each of them. The dean reports to the vice-Rector, who in turn reports to the rector. The current rector is Armen Muradyan, and the Chair of the Board is Armen Ashotyan.[6]



The University accepts applicants who have secondary (full), secondary vocational education with Armenian and foreign citizenship. There is no age limitation. Applicants should sit for written entrance exams in physics, chemistry and biology. They have a right to choose 2 out the 3 stated subjects. The results of admission examinations are confirmed by the decision of the Admissions Committee.

Foreign students should give a qualification exam and submit the results with other required documents to the university.[7]


The duration of the continuous and integrated educational program for bachelor's degree is six years in general medicine and military medical faculties and five years in the dental faculty. The duration of the Bachelor's Qualification Education Program is four years in the Faculty of Pharmacy.

Master's degree is offered in the following specializations:

  • Medicine,
  • Public Health and Health Care
  • Pharmacy
  • Medical work in the armed forces

The duration of the master's degree program in "Medical Work," "Medical Work in the Armed Forces" is for two years; in "Public Health and Public Health" is 1,5 years, and is one year in Pharmacy.

Further specialization in Post-Graduate studies are internships, clinical residencies and continuous vocational training (EMS). The duration of an internship is 11 months and is carried out in "General Practice Physician," "Stomatologist" and "Pharmacy" according to relevant programs. Graduates of Yerevan State Medical University are provided with an opportunity to skip internship and specialize in clinical residency programs.[8]


Foundation's faculty has 689 employees with a scientific degree, including 165 doctors of sciences, 524 candidates. As of December 2016, 28 post-graduate students and 96 applicants implement research activities in the fund.[9]

Cooperation and International Relations[edit]

Yerevan State Medical University has international membership in:

It is also included in international educational and scientific program such as Tacis-Tempus and World Bank.[10] Cooperation agreements have been signed and reviewed between YSMU and various well-known medical universities in the CIS, Europe, Central Asia and the US, including:

A significant number of students have completed short-term and long-term internships abroad, which considerably promote the education of leaders in this period of globalization and internationalization.[11]


YSMU University Library is one of the most extensive libraries in Armenia and comprises over 65,000 textbooks and professional literature. There is a collection of research and academic materials of the medical library. The textbooks and professional literature are replenished by works authored by the university faculty and manuals, which are obtained from different countries.

There is also an online library comprising study materials, tests, and questionnaire, which are available to both students and interested people.[12]

Yerevan State Basic Medical College[edit]

The Yerevan State Basic Medical College is an intermediate technical college opened in 1996, operating under the administration of the Yerevan State Medical University. The college provides 2-year study programs in 5 fields:[13]

  • Dental Laboratory Technician,
  • Medicine,
  • Pharmaceuticals,
  • Laboratory Diagnosis,
  • Nursing (female).



More than 7000 future doctors currently study in the University. 24% of these students are international students from 26 countries all over the world. These countries include the United States, Russia, Germany, India, Israel, Canada, Iran, Iraq, Georgia, Great Britain, Greece, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Venezuela, Syria, Singapore, Australia, Poland, Sweden, China, France, Jordan, Cyprus, Lebanon and Sri Lanka.[14]

Tuition fees are different for different degrees. University students have a unique opportunity to receive different nominal scholarships. Some of the famous nominal scholarships are named after Mkhitar Herati, Ruben Sevak, Albert Mayrapetyan. There are also scholarships given by the Armenian Youth Foundation, Turpanjian Family, Aegean Family, and the Armenian Community for Armenian Students Foundation.[15]

Faculty and staff[edit]

The university has more than 1100 professors. They are responsible for lecturing classes, advising both graduate and undergraduate students, as well as conducting original research. 171 of the lecturers are doctors of sciences, 504 - science candidates. Seven academicians of the RA NAS perform scientific and pedagogical work at the University. This powerful scientific potential has a serious role in the development of medicine and related sciences in Armenia.[9]

Honorary Doctor Award[edit]

YSMU's University Honorary Doctor Award was conferred to many remarkable and distinguished people.

  • Tom Catena- Doctor in Sudan's Nuba mountains, the winner of Aurora prize[16]
  • Princess Dina Mired of Jordan - The director general of King Hussein Cancer Foundation (KHCF), the chairwoman of the Union of International Cancer Control, the Princess of Jordan[17]
  • Bhairon Singh Shekhawat- Indian former vice-president [18]
  • Hagop Kantarjian- Professor Hagop Kantarjian from the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center[19]
  • Agop Bedikian- Professor Professor Agop Bedikian from the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center [20]
  • Aaron Ciechanover- An Israeli biologist and winner of the Nobel prize in Chemistry [21]
  • Klaus-Peter Hellriegel- Chairman of the Berlin Cancer Society, Secretary and Board Member of the German Society of Hematology and Oncology[22]
  • Nirmal K.Ganguly- President, Jawaharlal Institute of Post Graduate Medical Education[23]
  • Leo Bokeria- Cardiologist, heart surgeon, professor, academician, Head of Bakulev Scientific Center of Cardiovascular Surgery, Russia[24]
  • Philippe Jeanty- Scientist in the field of prenatal diagnosis, the founder of prenatal echocardiography [25]
  • Edgar M. Housepian- a renowned neurosurgeon, professor [26]
  • Levon Nazarian- Professor and Vice Chairman of the Department of Radiology and the Residency Program Director at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia[27]
  • Leonid Roshal- Chairman of International Charity Fund to Help Children in Disasters and Wars, expert for the World Health Organization[28]

Notable alumni[edit]

Many ASSR Health ministers were graduates of YSMU: Simeon Lazarev, Babken Astvatsatryan (1927), Stepan Chshmarityan (1930), Armenak Khrimlyan (1930), Zakhari Narimanov (1947), Emil Gabrielyan (1954), Artashes Aznauryan (1964). The Ministry of Healthcare of RA has had ten ministers who graduated YSMU: Mihran Nazaretyan (1962- 1967); Ara Babloyan (1965-1971); Gagik Stamboltsyan (1975-1980), Hayk Nikogosyan (1973-1978); Ararat Mkrtchyan(1973-1978); Norayr Davidyan (1966-1972); Harutyun Kushkyan (1974-1980); Derenik Dumanyan ( 1972-1978); Armen Muradyan (1989-1995), Levon Altunyan(1979-1985). Parisa Habibi (2008-2013). Former RA Minister of Education and Science Armen Ashotyan is also YSMU alumni. Current RA Minister of Sport and Youth Affairs Hrachya Rostomyan has been a student of YSMU from 1998 to 2006.

  • Ara Babloyan- President of the National Assembly of Armenia[29]
  • Levon H. Badalyan - Pediatric neurologist, the founder of the first pediatric neurology department in USSR [30]
  • Bagrat Alekyan- Cardiac surgeon, President of Russian Scientific Society of Endovascular Surgeons and Interventional Radiologists [31]
  • Evrik Afrikyan- Bacteriologist, past vice-president of All-Union Society of microbiology (USSR)[32]
  • Aramayis Grigoryan- Surgeon, professor of medicine, First Moscow State Medical University, past scientific secretary of All-Union Society of surgeons, USSR [33]
  • Gurgen Pashinyan- Chairman of department of forensic medicine, Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry, leader and executor of forensic dental examination to identify the remains of the family of the Russian Tsar Nicholas II and his entourage [34]
  • Bagrat Sargsyan- Chairman of department of forensic medicine, professor of medicine, Altai State Medical University, Russia [35]
  • Lev Piruzian- Soviet medical biophysicist.Corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR[36]
  • Samuel Badalian- The Director of the Gynecology and Urogynecology Center of Syracuse, NY [37]
  • Emil Gabrielian- Pharmacologist and Surgeon, Minister of Health of Armenian SSR[38]
  • Ivan Gevorgian- The chairman of the Department of Surgery of Yerevan State Medical Institute from 1952-1979[39]
  • Vigen Bakhshinyan- Head of Cochlear Implant Center, National Research Center for Audiology and Hearing Rehabilitation, Moscow, Russia[40]
  • Alla Grigoryan- Medical Director of Liver Transplant Program, University of Kentucky, Lexington, USA Assistant Professor of Medicine[41]
  • Kristina Simonyan- Director of Laryngology Research, Harvard Medical School[42]
  • Karine Sargsyan- Head of the Biobank Graz, Medical University Graz (Scientific Director of BioPersMed)[43]
  • Rouzan G. Karabakhtsian- Associate Professor of Pathology, Albert Einstein College of Medicine and attending Pathologist at Montefiore Medical Center[44]
  • Bella Qocharyan- the former First Lady of Armenia
  • Rafael Minasbekyan- The head of the business direction "Cinema and television. Production, rent, distribution » in Gazprom-Media Holding JSC[45]
  • Ruben Jaghinyan- Chairman of the Council of Public TV and Radio Company of Armenia
  • Vahan Artsruni- Armenian rock musician, singer, composer and artist
  • Garik Martirosyan- comedian, TV host, actor
  • Bharath Reddy- Indian Film actor, cardiologist


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