Yerevan Velodrome

Coordinates: 40°09′25″N 44°27′46″E / 40.15694°N 44.46278°E / 40.15694; 44.46278
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Yerevan Velodrome

Yerevan Velodrome (Armenian: Երևանի հեծանվահրապարակ), is an outdoor velodrome or track cycling venue in Yerevan, Armenia. Located on Admiral Isakov Avenue and owned by the municipality of Yerevan, the 250-metre (820 ft) long track is able to host international events. The velodrome has a capacity of 650 seats with lamelled wood roof and covers a total area of 3,200 square metres (34,000 sq ft).[1] It was built to replace the old cycling track which was later demolished in 2012.

The construction of the venue began in June 2010 and completed in September 2011.[2] It was officially opened on 15 September 2011 with the presence of the Armenian president Serzh Sargsyan.[3]

The velodrome can provide a parking lot up to 240 cars.

The Armenian Cycling Federation headquarters is located on the premises of the velodrome.


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40°09′25″N 44°27′46″E / 40.15694°N 44.46278°E / 40.15694; 44.46278