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South Caucasus Railway terminal
Հուշարձան Սասունցի Դավիթ 04.JPG
Owned byRussian Railways
Operated bySouth Caucasus Railway
Structure typeAt-grade
Other information
Station code567804
Fare zone16
Opened1902 (1902)[1]
Previous namesЭривань (Erivan) (1902–1936)
Preceding station South Caucasus Railway logo.svg South Caucasus Railway Following station
towards Gyumri
Yerevan–Batumi Terminus

Yerevan railway station (Armenian: Երևան երկաթուղային կայարան, romanizedYerevan yerkat’ughayin kayaran) is the central station of Yerevan, the capital of Armenia, located south of downtown Yerevan, approximately 2.8 km from Republic Square.

It is connected to the adjacent David of Sasun metro station by a pedestrian tunnel.


In 1902 the first railway line was built to Yerevan, connecting it with Alexandropol (Gyumri) and Tiflis (Tbilisi). In 1908, a second line connected it with Julfa, Persia.

The station building was built in 1956. The Museum of railway transport of Armenia was opened in the station on 31 July 2009.[2] A preserved steam locomotive, number 3ա705-46, stands in the station.

In 2010, Russian Railways rebuilt the station complex. During the renovations, they restored the interior of the station, introducing LCD screens with train schedule information for passengers. In addition, due to the significant increase in passenger traffic, as well as the need to ensure a comfortable environment when buying tickets, it was decided to divide the space into rooms for long-distance and international trains. The design of the rooms did not disturb the overall architectural style; decoration is made of natural and artificial materials identical to the original. In the station building there is a hotel with rooms for accommodation.[3]



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