Yerkes (crater)

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Yerkes crater AS17-M-1202.jpg
Apollo 17 Mapping Camera image
Coordinates 14°36′N 51°42′E / 14.6°N 51.7°E / 14.6; 51.7Coordinates: 14°36′N 51°42′E / 14.6°N 51.7°E / 14.6; 51.7
Diameter 36 km
Depth None
Colongitude 310° at sunrise
Eponym Charles T. Yerkes
Oblique view from Apollo 15

Yerkes is a lunar crater near the western edge of Mare Crisium. In the past the interior of this crater has been almost completely inundated by lava, leaving only a shallow remnant of a rim above the mare. The rim is widest on the western and southern portions, and barely existent to the east, forming a thin curve in the surface. A low ridge runs from the north rim to Yerkes E in the north-northwest. The floor has a similar albedo to the nearby mare, so the feature is not sharply distinguished from the surroundings. To the east of Yerkes is the crater Picard, and farther to the north is Peirce.

Satellite craters[edit]

By convention these features are identified on lunar maps by placing the letter on the side of the crater midpoint that is closest to Yerkes.

Yerkes Latitude Longitude Diameter
E 15.9° N 50.6° E 10 km


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