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Yermolayev (Russian: Ермолаев) and Yermolayeva (Russian: Ермолаева; feminine) is a Russian surname.


Yermolayev is derived from the given name Yermolay (or Ermolai, Ermolay, Yermolai; Russian: Ермолай), which was from the Greek Hermolaos, meaning "the people of Hermes". [1]

Alternative variants[edit]

"Yermolayev" may also alternatively be spelled or romanized as follows:

  • Ermolaeff
  • Ermolaev
  • Ermolajew
  • Ermolayev
  • Iermolaïev
  • Jermolajeff
  • Jermolajev
  • Jermolajew
  • Yermolaeff
  • Yermolaev
  • Yermolaieff
  • Yermolaiev
  • Yermolaiew

Notable people[edit]

Notable people with this surname include:

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