Yerupaja Chico

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Yanaqaqa is located in Peru
Elevation 6,121 m (20,082 ft)[1]
Location Lima Province, Peru
Range Willkanuta (Andes)
Coordinates 10°14′54″S 76°54′09″W / 10.24833°S 76.90250°W / -10.24833; -76.90250Coordinates: 10°14′54″S 76°54′09″W / 10.24833°S 76.90250°W / -10.24833; -76.90250[1]

Yerupaja Chico is a mountain in Peru.[1]

Yerupaja Chicho rises 6,121 metres (20,082 ft) and neighboring Yerupaja Grande rises 6,617 metres (21,709 ft). The names' literal translations are yerupaja – smaller and yerupaja – larger. They are two peaks in the Peruvian Andes. They can be viewed from above Laguna Solteracocha on the way up to Punta Sambuya on trekking trails through the Huayhuash. Chico is claimed to be a technically more difficult project for mountain climbers, although it is approximately 600 metres lower.


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