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YES! Magazine
Yes! magazine Fall 2010.png
Fall 2010 cover of Yes!
Editor Sarah van Gelder
Frequency Quarterly
Publisher Fran Korten
First issue  1997 (1997-month)
Company Positive Futures Network
Country United States
Based in Bainbridge Island, Washington
ISSN 1089-6651

YES! Magazine is a non-profit, ad-free magazine that covers topics of social justice, environmental sustainability, alternative economics, and peace. The magazine is published by Positive Futures Network, founded by David Korten and Sarah van Gelder; Korten's wife, Fran Korten, is the publisher. The first issue of the magazine was published in winter 1997.[1] It has ISSN 1089-6651 and LCCN 96-656670 sn 96044464.

YES! Magazine features community-based solutions and "supports people's active engagement in creating a more just, sustainable, and compassionate world".[2] Issues of YES! explore a specific issue in depth, and provide resources so that readers may become involved in that issue. Previous issues have covered solutions to the energy crisis,[3] local economies,[4] and water preservation.[5]

The magazine is printed on recycled paper and archives all its issues online. It won the Utne Reader Alternate Press Award for Best Cultural Coverage in 2001, and was nominated for Best Political Coverage in 2004.[6] In 2013, it won the Utne Media Award for General Excellence.[7]

YES! is a member of The Media Consortium, an international network of over 70 independent progressive journalism organizations including Mother Jones, The Nation, Grist, Democracy Now!, and many others.[8]

In 2015, YES! Magazine was showcased on Neil Young's July tour promoting The Monsanto Years. Young selected five magazines to feature in a "News You Can Trust Tent," including YES!, The Nation, Mother Jones, Permaculture Magazine, and Earth Island Journal.[9]

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