Yes, Friends and Relatives

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Yes, Friends and Relatives
Yes, Friends and Relatives album cover.jpg
Compilation album by Yes
Released August 25, 1998
Genre Progressive rock
Length 2:19:36
Label Eagle - EDGCD034
Compiler Brian Adams for Eagle Rock Entertainment
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 2/5 stars[1]

Yes, Friends and Relatives is a compilation album featuring songs of progressive rock band Yes and a selection of performances licensed from associated acts.[2][3] The double CD was released in 1998. The album opens with a 1998 remake of "Owner Of A Lonely Heart". The finale is "America".

Track list[edit]

Nr. Title Artist Length From album
Disc one
1 "Owner of a Lonely Heart" Jon Anderson 3:31 None - 1998 remake
2 "Ice" Rick Wakeman 4:50 Time Machine
3 "Red And White" Steve Howe 3:33 Home Brew
4 "Zone Of O" Esquire 5:19 Coming Home
5 "Up North" Earthworks & Bill Bruford 5:22 Earthworks
6 "The Pyramids of Egypt" Rick Wakeman 7:06 Seven Wonders Of The World
7 "Roundabout" Steve Howe 2:29 Not Necessarily Acoustic
8 "Sync Or Swim" Wakeman With Wakeman 6:05 Wakeman & Wakeman
9 "Arthur" Rick Wakeman 12:57 Live At Hammersmith
10 "Close to the Edge"
- The Solid Time Of Change
- Total Mass Retain
- I Get Up, I Get Down
- Seasons Of Man
Yes 19:40 Keys to Ascension 2
Disc two
1 "No Expense Spared" Wakeman With Wakeman 5:30 Wakeman & Wakeman
2 "Say" Jon Anderson 3:47 The More You Know
3 "Walk Don't Run" Steve Howe 3:01 Quantum Guitar
4 "Tron Thomi" Esquire 7:52 Coming Home
5 "10 Million" Jon Anderson 3:39 None
6 "Excerpts From Tales From Topographic Oceans"
- The Revealing Science Of God: Dance Of The Dawn
- The Remembering: High The Memory
- The Ancient: Giants Under The Sun
- Ritual
Steve Howe 9:08 Not Necessarily Acoustic
7 "The More You Know" Jon Anderson 3:44 The More You Know
8 "Journey" Rick Wakeman 21:26 Live At Hammersmith
9 "America" Yes 10:37 Keys to Ascension 1


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