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Yeshua is the Hebrew name ישוע, an ancient common variant of Yehoshua יהושע (equivalent to English Joshua or Jeshua). It may also refer to:

  • Jesus, whose English name comes from the Hebrew "Yeshua" via the Greek "Iesous"
  • Yahshua, one proposed transliteration of the original Hebrew or Aramaic name of Jesus commonly used by individuals in the Sacred Name Movement
  • Yahshuah, a constructed form of the Hebrew name of Jesus originally found in and other late Renaissance esoteric sources
  • Yeshu, the name of an individual or individuals mentioned in rabbinic literature, which historically has been assumed to be a reference to Jesus when used in the Talmud
  • Yehoshua (disambiguation), the Hebrew name יהושע (equivalent to English Joshua)

Yeshua may also refer to:

  • Yeshua ben Sira, ישוע בן סירא (equivalent to English Jesus Son of Sirach), alternate name of Ben Sira, the 2nd century BCE author of the Book of Sirach
  • Ilan Yeshua (fl. 2000s), business manager
  • Tnuat Ma'aynei Hayeshua

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