Yeshua Tova Synagogue

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Relief of the Ten Commandments on the Yeshua Tova Synagogue
Yeshua Tova Synagogue - the facade

The Yeshua Tova Synagogue (Romanian: Sinagoga Ieşua Tova or Sinagoga Podul Mogoşoaiei) in Bucharest, Romania, is the city's oldest synagogue, serving the local Jewish community.

The synagogue is located on 9, Take Ionescu Street, near Piaţa Amzei. It was built in 1827, and renovated in 2007.

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Coordinates: 44°26′39.38″N 26°5′50.14″E / 44.4442722°N 26.0972611°E / 44.4442722; 26.0972611