Yesterday & Today (Tokio album)

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Yesterday & Today
Yesterday & Today TOKIO album cover.jpg
Studio album by Tokio
Released February 2, 2000
Genre Japanese Rock/Pop
Length 55:38
Label Sony Music Entertainment
Tokio chronology
Yesterday & Today
Best EP Selection of Tokio II
(2001)Best EP Selection of Tokio II2001

Yesterday & Today is the sixth studio album by Japanese band Tokio. It was released on February 2, 2000.[1] It was the last album by Tokio to be released under Sony Music Entertainment. The album reached ninth place on the Oricon weekly chart and charted for three weeks.[2]

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Lyrics Music Arrangement Length
1. "Overture" Project T Project T 1:04
2. "Yesterday's" 清水昭男 清水昭男 Project T 4:14
3. "Feel It" 白石紗澄李 白石紗澄李 Project T 4:27
4. "何度も夢の中でくり返すラブ・ソング (Tokio Edit)" 忌野清志郎 忌野清志郎 忌野清志郎・KANAME・Project T 4:21
5. "Heart" 渡辺なつみ 清水昭男 Project T 4:16
6. "忘れえぬ君へ... (Remix)" 清水昭男、岡部真理子 清水昭男 Toshiyuki Mori 4:42
7. "Cool So Rock" 城島茂 城島茂 Project TO 4:18
8. "一秒の Othello ~ 君に選ばれたい ~ (MatsuRemix)" 秋元康 筒美京平 そうる透 3:47
9. "ジャンクフードの逆襲" 夏野芹子 渡辺未来 森俊之 4:10
10. "君を想うとき (Romanesque Version)" 渡辺なつみ 渡辺未来 そうる透、吉村龍太、鶴田海生 5:15
11. "Brake Down" 長瀬智也 長瀬智也 Project T 4:56
12. "Love & Peace (Play-Out Version)" 岡部真理子 樋口了一 Project T 3:37
13. "JUMBO" 鶴田海生 鶴田海生 Project T 3:45
14. "Yesterday's (Reprise)" 鶴田海生 鶴田海生 2:54


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