Yesterday (2002 film)

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Yesterday (2002 film).jpg
Poster to Yesterday (2002)
Revised Romanization Yeseuteodeyi
McCune–Reischauer Yesŭt‘ŏtei
Directed by Chong Yun-su
Produced by Ahn Byoung-ju
Written by Chong Yun-su
Starring Kim Seung-woo
Yunjin Kim
Choi Min-soo
Kim Sun-a
Music by Kang Ho-jeong
Cinematography Jeong Han-cheol
Edited by Kim Sun-min
Distributed by CJ Entertainment
Release date
  • June 13, 2002 (2002-06-13)
Running time
124 minutes
Language Korean
Box office US$1,577,164[1]

Yesterday (Hangul예스터데이; RRYeseuteodeyi) is a 2002 science fiction/action movie set in a unified Korean peninsula in the year 2020. The movie stars Kim Seung-woo, Yunjin Kim and Choi Min-soo.


Yun Suk, an experienced agent from the Special Investigations Unit (SI or SIU) tries to locate and take down a serial killer, who is known only by the alias "Goliath" (taken from the Bible). His investigation, however, becomes a bit personal after Goliath instigates an incident that results in the death of his son, Hanbyul.

After Kim Hisu, the daughter of the Korean National Police Agency commissioner gets kidnapped by armed terrorists during a raid, the two work together to investigate Goliath's motives, which has something to do with a secret project formerly funded by the South Korean Defense Ministry.


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