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Industry Open Innovation, Technology sales & Venture Capital
Founder Ben duPont , Chris De Bleser & Phil Stern
Number of locations
Boston, Liverpool, Tokyo and Wilmington, Delaware
Key people
Ben duPont, Phil Stern, Tim Bernstein
Owner Private
Website is a global technology marketplace founded in 1999.[1][2] The company is based around the idea of open innovation, and allows all types of technologies to be bought and sold. has six product areas: Tactical Targeted Search, Strategic Dealflow Service, Out-licensing Technology Marketing & Business Development, Patent Transactions, Submissions Portals and Venture Capital (yet2Ventures).[3][4]

History[edit] was founded in 1999 by Ben duPont and Chris De Bleser. DuPont was attempting to sell a new technology that he had developed and found “no easy way to do it.” Chris De Bleser was in a similar situation at Polaroid. Together the two started the company out of “pure frustration with the existing processes” duPont said.[2] The company was founded with original investments from Venrock Capital, Procter & Gamble, DuPont, Honeywell, Caterpillar, NTT Leasing, Bayer and Siemens raising over $24 million.[2][5] Since its founding the company has been provided services to Fortune 500 and Global 2000 companies include Boeing, Ford, Monsanto and NTT among others.[6][7][8]

Product divisions[edit]

Tactical Targeted Search

yet2 helps companies find technologies that accelerate their growth.

Strategic Dealflow Service

yet2 offers clients a guaranteed deal flow with up to 400 pre-screened introductions per year to promising companies and technologies.

Out-licensing Technology Marketing & Business Development

yet2 helps to facilitate the transaction of technology assets, developing new revenue for firms.

Patent Transactions

yet2 offers services including patent acquisition, monetization, targeted search and evaluation, patent scoring, and patent transaction/market monitoring.

Idea Submissions Portals

yet2 provides back-end support to Open Innovation Portal Submission programs. Their support is currently used by a number of companies, including Unilever.


yet2Ventures has roughly 40 investments ranging from material science, to mobile.


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