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A naming convention as a form of computer humour[1] especially among playful programmers, yet another is often abbreviated ya, Ya, or YA in the prefix of an acronym or backronym.

This humorous prefix is an idiomatic qualifier in the name of a computer program, organization, or event for the intention of elevating love and interest for something that seems confessedly unoriginal or unnecessarily repeated.[2] This is a programmer practical joke which is an allusion to the culture of programmer esteem for perfection as seen by software programming principles such as "Keep It Simple Stupid" (KISS) and "Don't Repeat Yourself" (DRY).

Stephen C. Johnson is credited with establishing the naming convention in the late 1970s when he named his compiler-compiler yacc (Yet Another Compiler-Compiler), since he felt there were already numerous compiler-compilers in circulation at the time.

Outside of computing, the YA construct has appeared in astronomy, where YAMOO means Yet Another Map of Orion.[3]

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