Yevdokiya Yusupova

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Yevdokiya Yusupova
Duchess of Courland
Eudoxia von Biron by A.G.Rockstuhl (Hermitage).jpg
Born May 5 (NS: May 16) 1743
Died July 19 (NS: July 8) 1780
Saint Petersburg
Spouse Peter von Biron
Issue None
House Yusupov
Father Prince Boris Grigoryevich Yusupov
Mother Irina Mikhaylovna Zinovyeva

Yevdokiya Borisovna Yusupova (Russian: Евдоки́я Бори́совна Юсу́пова; May 5 (NS: May 16) 1743, Moscow – July 19 (NS: July 8) 1780, Saint Petersburg), was a Duchess consort of Courland. She married the Duke of Courland, Peter von Biron, on March 6, 1774 in Mitava (Mittau). She had no issue.


Yevdokiya Yusupova was the eldest daughter of Prince Boris Grigoryevich Yusupov and Irina Mikhaylovna Zinovyeva. The marriage was arranged by empress Catherine II of Russia to secure a good relationship between Russia and Courland. Duke Peter was described as wild, and Yevdokiya Yusupova was regarded as a beauty with spiritual qualities. She became popular among the nobility in Courland, and initially wielded some influence over Peter. The relationship between Yusupova and Peter soon deteriorated however, and she wished to be freed from the abuse he is reported to have treated her with. After having attended the wedding of Paul I of Russia to Maria Feodorovna (Sophie Dorothea of Württemberg) on 26 September 1776, she refused to return to Mitau. The divorce was issued on 27 April 1778.

Yevdokiya Yusupova received the order of St Catherine in 1777.

Preceded by
Caroline of Waldeck and Pyrmont
Duchess consort of Courland
Succeeded by
Dorothea von Medem