Yevgeni Urbansky

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Evgeny Urbansky in the film Ballad of a Soldier

Yevgeni Yakovlevich Urbansky (Russian: Евгений Яковлевич Урбанский; born February 27, 1932 in Moscow – November 5, 1965, Bukhara Region) was a prominent Soviet Russian actor[1].

The creative life of Yevgeni Urbansky was short but very bright. A whole cinema epoch with peculiar aesthetics was created by him[2] in the films Kommunist (The Communist) (1958), Ballada o soldate (Ballad of a Soldier) (1959), and Chistoe nebo (Clear Skies) (1961). At the age of thirty-three, the actor died in an accident while performing a stunt during filming.[3][4][5]


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