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Yevgeny Sidikhin
Born Yevgeny Vladimirovich Sidikhin
(1964-10-02) 2 October 1964 (age 53)
Leningrad, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union
Occupation Film actor
Years active 1989-present
Spouse(s) Tatyana Borkovskaya
Children 3
Awards State Prize of the Russian Federation

Yevgeny Vladimirovich Sidikhin (Russian: Евге́ний Влади́мирович Сиди́хин; born 2 October 1964) is a Soviet and Russian film and theater actor, TV presenter.

Life and career[edit]

Sidikhin was born in Leningrad (now St. Petersburg, Russia), in 1964. He studied martial arts and boxing since the 4th grade and was a five-time champion in the City of Leningrad. After high school he was accepted into the Leningrad State Institute of Theater, Music, and Cinematography. However, in his freshman year, he was drafted into the army. He served in Turkmenistan and in the military intelligence in Afghanistan. After completing his service, he returned to LGITMIK and graduated in 1989. He worked at the Lensovet Theater and the Tovstonogov Bolshoi Drama Theater and had a brief career of a talk-show host at the Russian television channel NTV. He starred in his first film in 1991. Many of his roles take advantage of his martial arts skills and good looks; however, he always plays the emotional and human side of the character. Sidikhin's hobby is yacht sailing.

Personal life[edit]

Yevgeny Sidikhin is married to actress Tatyana Borkovskaya and has three daughters: actress Polina Sidikhina, Aglaya Sidikhina (born 1998) and Anfisa Sidikhina (born 2007).

Selected filmography[edit]

Year Title Role Notes
1991 Za Posledney Chertoy Victor Dremov
1991 Grafinya, a.k.a. The Countess Nikita Shuvalov
1992 Ispolnitel Prigovora, a.k.a. The Executioner Yuri Kirsanov
1992 Prorva, a.k.a. Moscow Parade Gosha
1993 Deti Chugunnykh Bogov, a.k.a. Children of Iron Gods Ignat Morozov
1993 Operatsia Lucifer, a.k.a. Operation Lucifer Detective Zabelin
1993 Poslednaya Subbota, a.k.a. The Last Saturday Oleg
1994 Dva Brata, Odna Sestra, a.k.a. Two Brothers, One Sister, a.k.a. Três Irmãos Brother
1994 Russki Tranzit, a.k.a. Russian Transit Alexander
1995 Volchya Krov, a.k.a. Wolf Blood Rodion Dobrykh
1995 Vaska Nemeshaev, a.k.a. Vaska Easoff, a.k.a. Hagyjállógva Vászka (Hungary: orthographically correct title), a.k.a. Letgohand Vaska (A Tale from the Labour Camp) (International: English title) Vanka Nominated for Best Foreign Language Film Oscar - see Wikipedia article List of submissions to the 69th Academy Awards for Best Foreign Language Film
1996 Mania Giseli, a.k.a. Gisele's Mania Boris Kaplun
1997 Obozhennyi Morozom, a.k.a. Burnt by the Frost Lasov
1998 (2005) Mama Ne Goryuy 1, 2, a.k.a. Mama Don't Cry (International: English title: informal title) Zubek
1998 Retro Vtroyem, a.k.a. Ménage à Trois Kostya
1999 Barak, a.k.a. The Barracks, a.k.a. Die Baracke (Germany) Precinct police lieutenant
2000–2006 Banditskiy Peterburg 1-10, a.k.a. Gangster Petersburg Kudasov
2000 27 Missing Kisses Alexander
2000 House for the Rich Alexei Serebriakov
2001 Akhillesova Pyata, a.k.a. Achilles' Heel Maxim
2001 Russkaya Krasavitsa, a.k.a. La Bella di Mosca, a.k.a. Russian Beauty Yuri
2001 Salomeya Fyodor Yalikov
2001 Sverchok za Ochagom, a.k.a. The Cricket on the Hearth John
2002 Antikiller Barkass
2002 Za Kulisami, a.k.a. Backstage Anatoly Ivanovich Kuskov
2002 Kovcheg, a.k.a. The Ark Skipper
2002 Upast Vverkh, a.k.a. Falling Up Mason
2003 Beloye Zoloto, a.k.a. White Gold Lomov
2003 Lichnaya Zhizn Ofitsialnykh Ludey, a.k.a. Private Lives of Official Persons Anatoly
2003 Mezhdu Zhiznyu i Smertyu, a.k.a. Between Life and Death Ian
2003 Taksist, a.k.a. The Cab Driver Ilya Orlov
2004 Zhenschiny v Igre bez Pravil, a.k.a. Women in the Game Without Rules Pavel Vesnin
2004 Igry Vzroslykh Devochek, a.k.a. Big Girls' Games Vitalik
2004–2005 MUR Yest MUR, a.k.a. MUR is MUR Alexander Ivanovich Smirnov, a detective
2005 Skazka o Schastye, a.k.a. Tale about Happiness Victor Deryabin
2006 Semeynyi Uzhin (ru), AKA Family Dinner Victorov
2007 Attack on Leningrad with Mira Sorvino and Gabriel Byrne Korneyev
2007 Potselui Pavshikh Angelov, a.k.a. Kisses of Fallen Angels Roman
2007 Posle Zhizni, a.k.a. After Life Artem
2008 A Woman in Berlin, a.k.a. Anonyma - Eine Frau in Berlin, with Nina Hoss, directed by Max Färberböck [1] Andrei Rybkin, a Soviet officer Received The Best International Film Award at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival, February 2009[2]
2008 Bes, a.k.a. Demon[disambiguation needed] Nikita
2008 Severnyi Veter, a.k.a. The North Wind Vasily Klintsov
2008 Iskyss Shevchenko, a KGB officer Aka Ice Kiss
2008 Myortvye Dushi General Shalamov Aka The Dead Souls
2009 The Inhabited Island Father-in-Law
2013 Pyotr Leschenko. Everything That Was... Colonel
2016 In the Forests of Siberia Aleksei


  • 2000 - State Prize of Russia (for the film Barak)
  • 2002 - Best Actor in a Foreign Film at the film festival Constellation for 27 Missing Kisses
  • 2003 - Best Male Role in Kovcheg (The Ark) at the film festival Faces of Love in Moscow
  • 2003 - Diploma for Performing Excellence at the film festival of Slavic and Eastern Orthodox Peoples Golden Knight (Zolotoy Vityaz) for the film Between Life and Death
  • 2004 - Golden Eagle (Zolotoi Oryol) for the best male role in the TV series The Cab Driver


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