Yevlakh District

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Map of Azerbaijan showing Yevlax rayon

Yevlakh (Azerbaijani: Yevlax, Јевлах, يولاخ) is a rayon of Azerbaijan, and it surrounds the cities of Yevlakh and Mingachevir.


Yevlakh is one of the important agricultural rayons of the country. The grain and cotton growing, as well as cattle breeding sectors have played an important role in city economy. The farmers grow potato, vegetable, water-melon and fruits, as well.

Yevlakh City is also rich with natural resources like clay mixture sand deposits, as well as clay, sand and gravel deposits needed for brick making.

Baku-Gazakh highway, Yevlakh-Balakan, Baku-Tbilisi railway, Baku-Supsa gas and Baku-Tbilisi-Jeyhan oil pipeline extend through the territory of the rayon. Yevlakh city also has a domestic airport. [1]


Coordinates: 40°40′N 47°00′E / 40.667°N 47.000°E / 40.667; 47.000