Yezda Urfa

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Yezda Urfa
Origin United States
Genres Progressive rock, symphonic rock, experimental rock,
Years active 1973–1981
Labels Syn-Phonic records
Members Brad Christoff
Phil Kimbrough
Marc Miller
Mark Tippins
Michael Barry
Ron Platt
Past members Rick Rodenbaugh
Mike Davies
Chuck Nuzo
Gary Stewart

Yezda Urfa is an American progressive rock band founded in the fall of 1973. The band recorded two albums before breaking up in the spring of 1981.[1] The band's music is currently distributed by Syn-phonic.[2]

The name[edit]

The name Yezda Urfa comes from Yazd, Iran and Urfa, Turkey. The band came across these names while leafing through the dictionary, looking for a band name. Yazd was changed to Yezda to ease pronunciation.[3]

The sound[edit]

Described as a blend of Yes and Gentle Giant, Yezda Urfa is known for playing high-energy progressive rock.[citation needed] Break-neck tempos, changing time signatures, and diverse instrumentation are hallmarks of their sound.[4]



  • Boris - Demo EP 1975
  • Sacred Baboon (1976) 1989
  • Sacred Baboon - CD re-release (1976) 1991
  • Boris (1975) 2004
  • YEZDAURFALIVE (2010) CD and MP3 release recorded live at NEARfest 2004


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