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Ygdrassil was a Dutch harmony singing folk duo, that consisted of the singer/songwriters Linde Nijland and Annemarieke Coenders. The band is named for the Yggdrasil, the tree of life in traditional Nordic belief.

The group drew on the British and American folk tradition, but was also influenced by contemporary Lo-fi music. In 2004 multi-instrumentalist Bert Ridderbos joined them on stage. With a unique blend of the two women's voices, they recorded five albums and one live DVD, and performed in the Netherlands, the UK, Germany, Belgium and Estonia until 2007. After 15 years of working together they continued as solo singers. Linde toured in 2008 with her Sandy Denny tribute programme and started a new international band, Het Internationaal Folkcomplot.



  • Ygdrassil (1995)
  • Pieces (1997)
  • We visit many places (2000)
  • Nice days under darkest skies (2002)
  • Easy sunrise (2005)
  • Live at the Folkwoods Festival 2006 DVD (2008)

Guest appearances[edit]

  • Naakt en Levend Sido Martens (2006)
  • Thanksgiving Si Kahn (2007)


Solo albums by Linde Nijland[edit]

  • Visman (1999)
  • Linde Nijland sings Sandy Denny (2003)
  • Winterliederen (2007)

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