Yi In-mun

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Yi In-mun
Hangul 이인문
Hanja 李寅文
Revised Romanization I In-mun
McCune–Reischauer Yi Inmun
Pen name
Hangul 유춘 or 고송류수관도인
Hanja 有春 or 古松流水館道人
Revised Romanization Yuchun or Gosongnyusugwandoin
McCune–Reischauer Yuch'un or Kosongnyusugwandoin
Courtesy name
Hangul 문욱
Hanja 文郁
Revised Romanization Munuk
McCune–Reischauer Munuk
Streams and Mountains Without End by Yi In-mun

Yi Inmun (1745-1821), also known as Yuchun, was a court painter of the late Joseon Dynasty, primarily of landscapes artist. He also held a military position in the court. Perhaps his best-known work is a silk scroll entitled Gangsan mujindo (Streams and Mountains Without End; hangul: 강산무진도; hanja: ), which is displayed in the National Museum of Korea in Seoul.

In 1968, the American composer Alan Hovhaness (who had visited South Korea in 1963) composed a chamber symphony inspired by Yi's painting, entitled Mountains and Rivers Without End.

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