Yi Sanhae

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Yi Sanhae
Yi Sanhae
Hangul 이산해
Hanja 李山海
Revised Romanization Yi Sanhae
McCune–Reischauer Yi Sanhae

Yi Sanhae (korean:이산해, 李山海, 1539 ~ 1609, was Korea politician, scholar, and writer. He served as Premier minister of Korea from 1590-1592 and 1600-1602. Yi was a member of the political faction the Easterners and when this split into the Northerners and Southerners, Yi became leader of the Northerners faction. Courtesy name was Yeosu(여수), nickname was Agye(아계, 鵝溪)·Jongnamsuong(종남수옹, 終南睡翁))·Jukpiong(죽피옹, 竹皮翁)·Sichongeosa(시촌거사, 枾村居士).


  • 《Agye jip》(아계집, 鵝溪集)
  • 《Agye yugo》(아계유고, 鵝溪遺稿)

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